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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Media Hype

OK this happens to be one of my favorite topics even for extempores... Media hyping crappy stories when there is a lot of NEWS to be actually covered...

Lets start with the Brangelina visit... Everyone knew where they went, the kids, what they ate.. And the rickshaw walla probably was made an instant celebrity.. I mean what difference does it really make? I mean seriously!!!!

Then remember Abhi-Ash 'news'? They wanted to shield the wedding from the media... but we have all the details about their wedding.. right from the Sangeet to the places they visited after their marriage... Who came for the wedding... which colour sari Aishwarya wore... Right from e-mails to sites like rediff(their front page sucks big-time, OK? I mean most of the alleged news is some sort of stupid gossip or movie stuff... utterly glued to the silver screen if u ask me x-() to newspapers... I mean come on how did that affect OUR lives????

And now the latest being Sanju baba aka Munna bhai... After the 2nd Munnabhai, people pretty much consider Sanjay Dutt to be synonymous with Mahatma Gandhi. We keep saying that crime shouldn't go unpunished and here people chant and pray for him... And then media hypes up how Sanjay Dutt is in the same Yerwada Jail as Mahatma Gandhi...

To be really honest, media is not the only one to be blamed... people have stayed awake to watch all these antics on TV... girls have weeped when Abhishek chose Aishwarya (what did they think, they had a chance with this guy? 'I still don't believe he will marry Aishwarya..') ... Get a life people!!!! 8-| People have cried when Sanjay Dutt was thrown in jail. I mean come on justice needs to be done right? One movie in which Sanjay Dutt plays Mahatma Gandhi and he BECOMES Mahatma for people. What about movies where he played the villain or what about all those actors and actresses who do the saat phere-mangalsutra bit in movies and serials? Do people consider all these people to be married then.. and to a zillion actors at that? If people are ready to watch, the channels are bound to show this crap... TRPs will definitely rise, rite?

Who knows maybe I too am hyping this issue by featuring it in my blog... but honestly...
had to write about this sometime...

P.S. After publishing this blog, latest 'NEWS' includes Salman Khan's arrest and whom he shares his cell with... Sanju Baba and 'bahar aate hi unhone aasmaan ki taraf dekha...' ... Aishwarya and her pregnancy.. (OK not sure when this had come in the news but when I was talking with my friends about this Hyped up topic, one of them added this to my list of latest news... Lord!!!! I am worse than the media aren't I? :D ;) )


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Saturday, August 18, 2007


At sudden unpredictable times you relive your childhood... just something you see, some kids playing, some songs, whatever... just trigger off certain memories.

Well today that happened when amma and I had gone out... We had gone to Bhandarkar road and then were coming back walking via
Deccan. While walking we came outside a furniture shop. Now there I see a bunk bed... Well instead of two beds one atop other, this one had a bed on the top and a writing table, a chest of drawers and a chair below (don't know if this is called something else btw...) Anyway, what this reminded me of was of the time when we used to live in Ashwamedh society. Mansi and Kruti, sisters had a bunk bed and all of us (Don't know how this came about but all the kids in the building were girls... each and every one…Shradha, Deepa, Mansi, Kruti, Tina (well she lived in the next building) of course later there were Neha, Mugdha, Charusheela, Neha(another Neha that is) and of course how could I forget me?) would play in their house some evenings... Where does the bunk bed come in picture? Well, what we used to do is, one person, the 'denner' (What does that mean anyway? How did the word come into existence? No idea... But that’s the person who is supposed to catch the rest) would stay on the top bunk and the rest of us would be on the lower bunk. The person above couldn't look down... She would just put out a hand from any side of the bed and try to catch the rest of us and we would just play on the lower bunk screaming away to glory...

OK stupid memory I know but just something I remembered today. Sometime maybe I’ll share a childhood memory pertaining to my best friend and cousin, Ashwini:)

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Frustrations Unleashed

Nothing has been going your way,
Life just seems so bore,
Everything seems just awful,
From the weather to the dress you wore.

The sparrows twittering outside your window,
They cause your head to ache,
You look for someone to scream at,
You look for something to break.

You find the curry spicy,
Or that it just doesn't have any salt,
Whatever you had planned for the weekend,
It comes to a screeching halt.

Books are not interesting,
No friends can meet up that day,
You get angry at everything,
And whatever one has to say.

The skies reflect your mood,
Not blue but dark and grey,
It seems there will be no sunshine,
Not even a single sun-ray.

The bank is closed, the car won't start,
The radio is out for repairs,
You can't help being frustrated,
You can't help tearing out your hair.

The cat ate your homework,
The neighbor’s dog has been barking all night.
Anyone who comes your way,
Is in for a nasty fight.

The cake didn't come out well,
Your baking skills just suck,
Whatever it is you are trying to do,
Today you are out of luck.

No mood to study, no wish to talk,
This poem doesn't come out well,
I can't understand how to end this,
So I say 'THE END,' damn it all to hell.:x

P.S. Sorry Purni about using your words... but this pretty much describes my mood today


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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hotel Howlers...

Tell me honestly, when was your last uneventful hotel experience? I mean seriously, something always happens when you go to a hotel. Sometimes embarrassing.. sometimes funny... sometimes annoying but never uneventful. So in this post, I'll write some of the funny or weird hotel happenings....

Well this is was back when I was in engineering... I don't remember what the occasion was, probably the last day of exams... well whatever it was, we had decided to go for a movie and lunch before that... Anagha and Priyanka had gone to E-Square directly to get tickets. The rest of us, lemme see, kaun kaun tha... Suchitra, Gandhali, Supriya and I would be meeting them at Kamath hotel. So when we reach there, Anagha and Priyanka were in splits... and ready to burst to tell us about what had happened.... Since we would take time to reach, they had gone ahead and ordered for us... 6 Butter naans... a couple of sabzis... Well first of all, see, when you look at Anagha or Priyanka, neither of them exactly looks like they could finish 6 butter naans between them... I mean Anagha is tall, Priyanka is short... but both of them are like pretty thin... So when he hears of this monstorous order gawks at them, jaw dropping down and asks... 'Madam... ek saath laoon?' These girls cool as cucumbers reply... 'Haan haan ek saath...' Of course as soon as the waiter had left these girls dissolved in laughter :D

Now this is an episode of when pretty much half of our building had been invited for the naming ceremony of our neighbour's daughter. So there we go... see the baby... exclaim on how cute she is (and adorable she was... :)) and then the only girl in our building I had come to know then, being in 10Th I hadn't got to know too many people, sat together at a table... Now the place where we had sat was right next to a window... we start with our food and suddenly from the window behind us, flies this 'roach... Well I'll admit, cockroaches gave me a huge fright back then and a flying one I find creepy even now and to top it all, this thing was reeeeeeally huge... The thing had settled on my friend's shoulder. Now how do I get rid of this thing without creating a scene? 'XYZ,' I whisper to my friend (Name changed to prevent embarrassment to the girl), 'Don't worry but there's a cockroach on your shoulder....' Before I could complete the sentence, madam had let out a scream, she finds these creepy crawly winged creatures even more freaky than I... Bass ho gaya... The 'roach jumped from her shoulder to the table, everyone in the hotel turns around to stare at us... and now getting rid of the thing is even more difficult. The rest of the evening my mind has completely blanked out... But this one incident has taught me, if ever you see a roach in a hotel on someones shoulder, make an excuse and make the person get up, pick up a magazine or something and swat the damned thing before she gets a chance to scream... Lord!!!! That was reaaaaaaaaaally embarrassing...

Now lets come to the Samudra meet of KIP. We konkani Orkuters in Pune have our very own community started by my good friend Purnima. We all meet once in a while. The most recent meet was at Hotel Samudra, near Nal Stop. Since there were three moms in this group, we were talking mostly in konkani and generally that's what we do anyway, when we don't want anyone to understand us, we make it a point to talk in konkani. Now here we are commenting on each and every thing... as usual, Purnima and I just haaaad to comment in each spelling mistake in the menu and giggle... all of us were pretty much commenting to no end in konkani... And after a nice long drawn meal... as usual pics taken in every which pose... making faces, posing with a ketchup bottle... sab ho gaya.. we are now ready for our bill and the gentleman who had taken our orders comes and says something which sounds suspiciously like... 'Ani?'(Anything else?)... I jabbed Purnima... 'Did that guy just speak in konkani'? 'No idea', she said... And as we started to leave the room, the guy directs us... 'Thain dakunu nayi.. hanga dakunu vacchyati', (Don't go that way, go from here) Well needless to say that guy had probably heard all our comments (I hope we hadn't commented on him.. crossing my fingers...) We clamped close our big mouths and ran down the stairs... whew that was embarrassing... Lesson to learn: Do not presume that the person in front of you can't understand some language you know... you might have to eat crow... :P

There are more of these... but amma just came out and warned me to go and sleep else I won't get up on time and she'll lose her cool early in the morning trying to get me to get up... (as always ;))


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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

.... And continued

Well this is like a Post Script to the Friendship Day post. This year spent Friendship Day with two of my friends... Priyanka and Varsha... Suchitra was supposed to join too but she couldn't come :(((... It was Supriya's mom's b'day so she couldn't come either :'( So anyway... We had decided to go to Horn OK Please. We had planned on reaching early and booking a table.. No probs said the guy who was minding the door.. Waiting only after 7.30... So now what? We had reached at about 6.30... So we decided to roam around FC road... But the biggest no-no for all of us is crowds... and on that day FC road just resembled some 'Kumbh ka mela.' Lord!!! Seemed everyone was on FC road... So after a small walk, we went to Venus book store.. well window shopping... Even that place holds some memories for Priyanka and me...

So finally there we were outside HOP at 7.30...Oh Oh... What's this? A crowd right outside and the threatening clouds didn't seem to make matters any easier for us.. Well we somehow slipped to the front and as soon as the doors opened... ATTTTTACCCCCK.... Phew just in time... if we had had to wait, we would have got totally wet... It was pouring out there...

So once in, reminisced a bit... thought of the others who weren't there with us that day :( ... As usual the food was great... but the waiter was awful.. service sucked big-time... OK OK me not gonna crib here.. See I am gonna just think of the interesting fun parts of that day (But seriously that waiter!!!!! Hmffff Chod kabhi aur likhoongi... Aaj tak to aisa kabhi nahi hua tha wahaan so will give the place the benefit of the doubt)

Basically had a nice time... As I said, just another reason to get together with friends.... Here we come to end of this blog... Aloha.. ciao... adieu.. Auf Wiedersehn... Au Revoir.. Toodles....


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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Friendship Day

OK I'm just completely sure every blogger will write about friendship day.. Well I hadn't thought of writing until I started humming 'Yaaron..dosti badi hi haseen hai' out of the blue that I realised I too have been bit by the 'Friendship Day' bug... Well to be honest, I spend every friendship day with some of my friends, this year being no exception, I guess this was inevitable.

Its not that I think Friendship Day is worth the huge hype... But just one more reason to get together...

Some of my oldest memories of friendship day are from school days... when Priyanka, Sharvari, Gauri and I had met at Sharvari's to spend Friendship Day together... Nothing special... Just time spent away from school and together with close friends.

Once Anagha, Priyanka, Supriya and I decided to go watch a movie on Friendship Day... Well, to be realistic, the tickets of which movie would we actually get on a Sunday and Friendship Day to be precise and that when we haven't got tickets booked in advance.. well we had always done that, well at least until Sujata advised us to buy tickets in advance that is... So which movie do we watch? Saade Saat Phere.. Juhi Chawla and Irffan... Well I personally liked it.. but the others... they came out with a headache... Well in case of Priyanka, it probably had something else to do with it.

We decided to have a computerised sketch done for us... Now Anagha is really tall and with my high heels, I definitely looked taller than Supriya, Priyanka is the shortest among the four of us.. So we decided to stand with me and Anagha in the back and Supriya and Priyanka in front of us... but noooooooo.. the guy who manned the machine wanted us to stand in a line... OK.. But how do we fit in front of the machine? The guy just squeezed our heads together in front of the machine screen and said... Give me a biiiiiiiig smile.. Well the gentleman wasn't quite happy with that... fine he moves the machine, again squeezes our heads together and says...

Give me a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig smile and that's how the pic came out.. a poster for some toothpaste company... Anagha's was the biggest grin among us and in fact I doubt either of us has ever smiled that wide ever before or after :D... Now coming to Priyanka's headache: When they make this sketch, they keep a white screen behind us... Pic taken, the gentleman started to roll up the screen... Poor Priyanka's hair got entangled in the screen and she ended up with her hair getting pulled and a headache to show for that incident... :( :P...

One of the most fun memories though is from last year.. As usual, we couldn't come up with a single idea as to how to spend friendship day and after a late night confy where nothing was decided and again as usual, Anagha and I were still chatting away to glory, trying to come up with some idea... Hey, came the idea... I don't remember who thought it up, maybe Anagha, why don't we all go to Supriya's early tomorrow morning and give her a surprise?

A flurry of messages to Suchitra and Gandhali.. Sujata wasn't here.. Varsha was unreachable... (I still hate her BSNL connection.. it sucks big time) and Priyanka had gone home for the weekend.. so fine.. hum chaar.. no issues... the biggest worry however was.. what if Supriya gives US a surprise by going on a morning walk? We knew she sometimes went out on Sunday mornings to climb the 'tekdi' close to her house... Well.. chance maarte socha.. So early Sunday morning we land up outside Supriya's house...

The door opens and Supriya's mom is like totally shocked... (I mean who wouldn't be.. if u see 4 of your daughter's friends outside your door at what 7-8 in the morning?)... The commotion woke Supriya and her sister but we were already in her room before she came out to investigate... Surprise!!!! Happy Friendship Day... Supriya's mom made yummy idli and sambhar for us.. (That was too cool... I mean seriously.. we had just landed there without notice, and she makes this... Theekh hai she is a Tamilian, but to feed 4 of us? That was like simply amazing) So after tying friendship bands and eating, we called up Priyanka and went on and on about the fun she was missing...

Suchitra had to go out somewhere though, so she had to leave early... So now Anagha, Gandhali, Supriya and I decided to go to Anagha's and watch a movie there... We watched an absurdly absurd marathi comedy 'Khabardaar'.. Gandhali was hell-bent against watching any horror flicks.. last time we had watched a movie together, it was Sshhh koi hai (or whichever Tushar Kapoor, Esha Deol movie that was.. 'I know what u did last summer' hindi remake) and the dumb horror scenes didn't scare us half as much as Gandhali's screams.. seriously that girl is awefully scared off horrors... So anyway.. had a gala time... And I sure won't forget that Friendship Day for a loooooong time to come.

So tomorrow as another Friendship Day comes, some plans have been made.. Let's see how they work out.. maybe will update that in the comments... But in the mean time,


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Friday, August 3, 2007

What's in a name

If I could go back in time... well way back in time to before I was born, I'd suggest my parents to name me by a shorter name. While personally I love my name, Tejaswini, perfectly perfect for me, the length of the name just means I have a zillion nicknames...

As a kid, I could say my name very early. I had clear speech since I started speaking and however much people wondered I could say my entire name clearly. I never liked nicknames nor did my family. So no one in my family has called me anything but Tejaswini in my family.

But once I started going to school, matters got difficult... For my friends that is. Not many 3-4 year old children can say the name TEJASWINI. So they started calling me Teju. The rickshaw kaka called me Tezaab... It was a film that had recently released then... But soon the name Teju stuck... It took me ages and a million times of saying 'Teju mat kaho na' to get everyone calling me Tejaswini. By the time I passed my 10th, all my friends had learnt to call me by my entire name.

In 10th, however, I acquired another nickname. At my tution classes, there was this guy Abhin. He used the last part of my name i.e. Wini and started calling me Wini the Pooh after a famous animated character. A friend in my engineering college, Minal, also has occasionally called me that. She is like a huuuuuuuuge cartoons fan.

Somewhere along my engineering, I got hooked on to the net... yahoo messenger, orkut... that sort of stuff... Now people started complaining about the length of my name, because it was too long to write... A shorter name please... I finally relented when Pranay started calling me T... No problem in that I thought. When chatting with my college friends, we just write the first three letters of each others' names. So I was Tej, Anagha became Ana, Supriya was called Sup, Priyanka became Pri, Sujata was referred to as Suj, Varsha called Versa coz she couldn't abide by being called Var(shee Var kay?) and Suchitra was called Such. Varsha likes my surname a lot it seems, she calls me Shenoy a lot of times.. definitely no issues there.

On Orkut and among my konkani friends, a lot of nicknames popped up. One of the names as expected was Teju... again followed by me saying Teju mat kaho naaa... Nishanth has finally agreed not to call me that.. Well I hope he will stick to his promise. One of my chat friends, Sooraj calls me Steni.. Shenoy TEjaswiNI.. so Steni.. Very creative nickname.. the only reason why I never complained regarding this nickname... On Konkanis in Pune, I was called everything from Teja to Teja bhai... apparently I come across as a bhai.. sure.. no probs.. but stick to calling me Tejaswini guys...

Purnima and Shraddha decided my name was tooooo long to write and so were theirs.. Fine another set of nicknames was born... I am called TJ, Shraddha became Shrads and Purnima is called Purni... Of course there is a condition... I am never to be actually called TJ... likhne ke liye theekh hai ye naam but I won't reply if you call me TJ... I told them.. Fine accepted.

During training at KPIT, I got two nicknames... 'Tejas...wini' .. 'Your name is soooo long.. Madhe break gheun shwaas ghyava lagto'.. That has been coined by Parag... Naveen has come up with a unique name to tease me... Guruni(As in guru..teacher... hmmm.. no idea why.. :P)

The most recent nickname that I have acquired... Well hopefully it won't stick is Tez. A guy at work, Shailesh, called me that... Ye Tez kya hai, I asked him... the shortcut of your name.. came the prompt reply :( ... Apparently like Tez channel... Aaj tak sabse Tez.. 8-| ..(Hey doesn't that mean that name has a copyright? ;))That was just once and hopefully he won't remember that nickname in the future and there sure is no need for anyone else at work to actually know of this name :P...

So there we go... One name... 4 syllables and so many variations... So to end this blog, let me just say, people.. accha sa naam hai mera.. Tejaswini bulao na... itna kyon sochte ho tum log... Less effort on both sides.. You call me anything else, I say '...' mat kaho na.. You ask why not... I say, coz I don't like it.. You ask why.. I say just... simply... Call me TEJASWINI.. Thats simple and sweet


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