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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wedding bells...

Almost an year after my last appearance on my blog, this time I return with an announcement... 'I'M GETTING MARRIED.'

So today, 16 days to the wedding, while I sit at home with huge piles of clothes towering all around me on my bed and on the floor, I decided to write about 'him.'

My fiancé, Raghavendra, is just the sort of guy I was looking for - the exact opposite of me. I keep saying, when God made him, all the qualities He had left in the other box went into making me... He is sensible... I am a nut-case; I am a chatterbox... he will listen to every nonsensical comment of mine; he is a romantic... I am... well... clueless; I love to read... he has promised all my books are going to gather dust sitting in the book shelf he is going to buy for me 'cause he says he wants me to give him company in not-reading!!! In another life, I would have probably been a psycho-rocker... he keeps me grounded...

The question my school friends started with was... 'Tell us everything... Start right at the beginning.' So I did...

Teen saal pehle ki baat hai... (They go: Teen saal???!!!), amma decided to start looking for a prospective groom for me. (Oh accha, wahaan se start kar rahi tu...)... So I continued, saying, we met in Bangalore at my mhanthu's (my dad's older brother's) home. We had a very practical discussion about the typical must-have questions... job, friends and jealousies, clothes - restrictions, how religious is his family, how family oriented everyone is. We moved on to things like hobbies, friends, general stuff... We met up again the next day - Friendship Day. I said I needed time to think and probably talk to him a bit more before coming to a decision. We had received a 'Yes' from his side that morning.

Monday morning, we took a flight back to Pune. My cell pinged with a message as soon as I turned it on... Hope you reached safely... I replied, Yes, reached Pune. Could I call you later around 11 P.M. after I get back from office? He said, 'Sure.'

I called him up at night. We said hi to each other... Then I said, 'Actually, the reason I wanted to talk was to say - Yes.' His reply - OK. You are not saying that because you are being pressurized by your family, are you? I am like!!!??? Ye kaisa reply hai? 'No, I thought about it and came to the decision. How about you? You aren't being pressurized by your family, right?' (I mean, no excitement, no pressure na... itna practical question??? :( Gharwaalon ne to nahi haan bulwaaya usse) 'No-no, nothing like that.' We spoke for a while more and then cut the call.

What I missed telling them was, since then, I have already teased him endlessly about the lack of emotion when I said yes. And he has since told me that that monday was the worst of life in between the time he read my message and I gave my assent. He said he couldn't concentrate on his work and worried incessantly about what I would say. I said, ‘Of course, what else could I say? You ticked all the check boxes in my list of what I wanted...’

Since that first time we met, I have visited Bangalore, he has visited me in Pune, we have each surprised the other on birthdays, we have gotten engaged, we have fallen in love... (though he claims he fell in love with me after talking to me the very first time).

What I didn't tell my friends was R and I were probably destined to be together from a long time. We had been sent each others' horoscopes 3 years ago - right at the beginning of our respective searches but while according to their pandit, our horoscopes matched, not according to our pandit. 3 years down the line and after receiving his horoscope about 5 times from different sources, my mamama ( amma's mum) finally said, 'You know what, lets check again.' Well, needless to say, the rest is history. This time the horoscopes matched and quite well I might add. Apparently, relative positions of the stars makes a difference from time to time... Ohhhh...kkkkay.

Whichever way I look at it though I'd say smart catch on the horoscopes. So as we soon embark on a new journey, we both keep our minds positive about the future and look forward to writing a new chapter of our lives - this time together.

P.S. Archana was wondering if I have known R for 3 years... so maybe my post is confusing... We met august of this year... 2011... So amma of course keeps teasing me... Yeah yeah, and before you used to say... 6 months of engagement... Now from the time you first met him to the wedding, just over 4 months... What changed?

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posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 4:31 PM


Well, I know the details and am still craving for more. I'm absolutely with you, when you say "he keeps me grounded"... that's how you find balance while precariously walking the responsibility street!

all the besht gal, for both ur future lives... Jr. sends Love kicks too, to his mhav and mhantu! ;)

December 4, 2011 at 4:41 PM  

Loved it :) WIshing you both a very Happy Married life :) Really happy that you have found the right guy :)

December 6, 2011 at 1:13 AM  

You almost mentioned everything to us, except your love, and that was unsaid after-all! Have a great life ahead and my all best wishes to R, hope he copes :)

December 6, 2011 at 8:38 AM  

This is indeed very sweet. Funnily, could relate to a lot of what you wrote - right from keeps me grounded to the "why so thanda" response scene.

All i can say is, enjoy the last few days! I remember the excitement, numbness, happiness, sadness, question marks, conviction that come all together in these days, but each of it will be worth it. Speaking from experience ;)

Our T gets hitched to R. It's time for celebrations baby! :D

December 6, 2011 at 12:18 PM  

Thanks Purni, Shrads, Sharvari and Rach

Purni: True na, how someone suddenly makes such an impact to your life?

Rach: Babezz, wanna hear your 'why so thanda' response waala story too... TTYL.. apni baatein pending hain abhi bhi from last time...

December 9, 2011 at 10:44 AM  

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