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Sunday, April 25, 2010

EBUS Oscars and Party...

What does it feel like dressing up... walking down the red carpet... being interviewed... watching the Oscars in person... having friends giving a Thank You speech with your name in that... Well those are questions I can now answer... and the answer is...


So after all the anticipation, mystery, preparation and endless teasers, we finally celebrated the EBUS Oscars... Greeting us on the red carpet were Siddhi, dazzling in pink and Avinash, handsome in a suit... And of course the camera person, Pulkit, dashing in a suit. After answering questions, being complimented and writing on a white board something special about EBUS... (Exquisite, Brilliant, Unique, Stylish), we went on to the auditorium where the Oscars were held.

The ceremony began shortly with the jury and guests... Pawan S., Sumit B, Shilpa D., Sunil K., Anurag, Mangal, Venkat, Gaurav and Vikesh. Awards included categories like Customer charmer (M & F), Sweeping Closures(M & F), Best Debut, Backlog eradicator and more with the penultimate best Manager and HEPZ (High Energy and Performance Zone) representative. The jury charmer speech was of course Nakul's speech after winning the Quality award... His acceptance speech said... 'Its cool to get an award for doing the simplest things and nothing special' (well I paraphrase of course)... The two special awards were grabbed by Vikesh and Gaurav respectively.

What makes any event special are of course the anchors and they were Siddhi and Avinash. With a witty script the two put up a really smart show. With a song performance by Pradnya, Mimicry and an ingenious song (based on beedi jalaile) by Anshul and skit showing the managers' meeting (something every engineer wonders about) by Pavan (as Venkat), Pulkit (as Gaurav), Pradnya (as Bhavi) and Yuvraj (as Vikesh) the show was a grand success. The way the managers' nuances were captured by the Fantastic Four is very commendable.

A ceremony like the Oscars would seem quite unbeatable, but then it was party time today... At Aqua Lounge and Laguna (Disco/bar and Dinner)... With foot stomping music, everyone was on the dance floor... Dancers ranged from almost professionals (like Venkat, had heard he was in Shiamak Davar's academy... Double Wow to his dancing) to creative (like Rajeev... chapati making step, cooking step, driving step). Some unbelievably good dancers and dance steps. Needless to say, everyone said 'Please don't Stop the Music' though the dance had to come to an end and we proceeded to Laguna for dinner.. with delicacies like Ghosht, Murg (no. sadly I couldn't eat this, Saturday no-non-veg), Paneer, Mushroom-Corn, Rice, Daal and Raita... the dinner was quite fantasti.. to cap it all were the desserts... Jilebi and Rabdi and my all time favorite Vanilla with Chocolate sauce (Still drooling after the chocolate binge... yummm...)

A ride back with Pulkit, Saumya, Siddhi and Pradnya completed the day off nicely. Thanks a lot to those who made these events possible... Sunil Sir, Venkat, Gaurav, Vikesh, Bhavi... This was memorable...

Event rating: ***** for each of the two... Unfortunately that's the highest I can give... an additional * because I finally went o a disco... (Yayyy me)... So 6* out of 5... actually more... the best office party :)

P.S. Need to ask Venkat if EBUS displayed HEPZ culture on the dance floor as well :P

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