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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quoting quotes...

...So after long anticipation, Harry and Michelle came to visit our office on Wednesday. We had meetings, sessions, awards... the usual stuff that happens when clients come over. So as yesterday was to be their last day in our office, some cards had been brought for the entire team there, for us to sign and for Michelle to take back with her.

The plan being that everyone sign on the left page and write the recipients name on the right hand page, I raised a request that we write some sort of quote as well. I volunteered for looking for the quotes. Nakul, the one with really good handwriting, was to write down the quotes.

As soon as we started, Manju and Siddhi claimed the cards that they wanted to be sent to Carmelo and Barbara respectively. Theirs would be the first signatures on those cards. Once all cards were signed, Nakul and I took the cards back to my desk to look for something to write. The only quotes we found though beautiful were quite impersonal. We started off with those for Carmelo, Barbara and Michelle.

But as soon as Niks saw them, he was like, this is so impersonal. We said, look for somethign interesting then. True to his word, he found some beautiful personal sounding thank you quotes/sayings/verses. (Needless to say, the first one he found we wrote to his 'long-distance' girlfriend. BTW, I wonder how his wife Varsha would react to that.) And for the last 3 or 4 I managed to write something myself or spin-off on some existing quotes.

Unfortunately that left Barbara, Michelle and Carmelo; the three people we wanted to really thank and they had the most or rather only impersonal messages. For Barbara and Michelle, we did manage to add something interesting, but for Carmelo, this was difficult. Manju was obviously disappointed. After all the one person she wanted to write to had such a vague message.

So she decided to find a quote and the one she found was obviously vetoed: While saying 'I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom' sounded bad enough, changing this to say the words from the entire team sounded even weirder. 'We would thank you from the bottom of our hearts, but for you our hearts have no bottom.' That sounded totally like poori ki poori team ek bande pe line maar rahi hai... Absolutely, totally, completely out of question. I started writing something to say Thanks.

You have always helped us, be it evening or noon
Wish you could also visit, hope to see you soon

'Nahi, Its not like he has specifically helped me. But he looks so good in the photo. Dekh Nakul... You either write the quote I found or atleast say, Come to India,'
says Manju. Now that I had a clear idea of what she wanted, I modified the earlier verse(Note to self: Tell Pallavi, verse is better suited for the topic of our conversation than stanza)

Your photo is so good, it makes Manju swoon,
Wish you could also visit, hope to see you soon

To the point and clear... 'It is true,' said Manju. 'But we can't write this.'
OK, how about this...

Your photo is so good,
That it has taken Manju's heart,
Now she cannot concentrate,
Because you're so far apart...

'Kitne bure ho tum log,' said Manju as Siddhi, Nakul and I laughed.

Alright, how about this...

Your photo is picture perfect,
It has taken Manju's breath,
Just one chance to see you,
Would make her feel so great...

As we 'ROFLOL'ing, we finally went with the first option after Manju had the temerity to say, 'Aisa karte hain, tune jo likha hai, thoda change karte hain... aur likhenge...'

Your photo is so good, be it evening or noon,
Wish you could also visit, hope to see you soon

Nakul was like, 'Photo kaise din mein alag time pe alag dikhega?' 'Lights off course,' we said and laughed again.

So finally with the last one done, Siddhi stuck all the ribbons on the envelopes and all cards were signed, sealed and ready to be delivered.

P.S. I am now officially signed in as the Content writer for my friends' wedding Invitation :) Gotta prepare a nice little verse for them :)

P.P.S. Will write the rest of the stuff I wrote, some other time

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