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Sunday, December 27, 2009


So... I watched this movie with my office friends on wednesday... A good movie overall and good movie to comment on.

The story is quite interesting in that, on a distant planet in 2054, humans are to connect with their minds to their 'Avatars' (Read Ae-va-th-aar-s) which look like the indigenous population Na'vi. The Na'vi have a strange connection to their planet, the animals and trees. The story is then the usual... hero falls for the alien female, then fights against the evil researchers/scientists/miners from his home planet to lead the inhabitants of the planet Pandora to victory.

Whats hot about the movie is the colour and imagination put into making this movie. The animals though have a resemblance to earthly animals are still very different. The flora and fauna is all colourful and vibrant. Bright blues and reds dot the frames. The holy tree is breathtakingly beautiful too.

Whats not hot is the fact that this movie has been made in 3-d and it is terrible... especially if you have watched movies like Final Destination 4 which has you gasping and shrinking when objects seem to fly at you. Honestly, there is not much of a point to have made the movie in 3-D. It doesn't have anything for the need of the 3rd dimension and what little is shown in 3-D is sloppy work indeed.

So overall, my verdict for this movie is 3 stars for the movie - 1/2 a star for the bad and disappointing 3-D. So overall, 2+1/2 stars. Catch the movie in 2-D. The 3-D wow factor is only for those who have never watched a 3-D flick.


posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 12:08 PM


oohhhhh 2.5 stars.....yaar yeh toh bahut kam hai (though i havent watched it)

December 31, 2009 at 12:36 AM  

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