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Monday, November 2, 2009

London Dreams...

Arjun (Ajay) has this dream of singing at Wembley London Mannu(aka Manjeet Khosla)(Salman) is his devoted friend

Arjun lands in London, struggles to get closer to his dreams and one day returns to Bhatinda to take Mannu with him as a backup vocalist of sorts... only Mannu not only outshines him on stage, he also scores over Arjun when it comes to heart of Arjun's love, Priya. So, wild with jealousy Arjun, with the help of one of the band members gets Mannu hooked on drugs. In the end, sach baahar aata hai and Mannu returns thinking that he is a threat to his friend's dream. All should have been well that ends in a happily ever after were it not for a really boring last song

The movie is unique in that it is absolutely unmemorable... it isn't as funny as any of the Priyadarshan run-around-hitting-people-in-the-head physical comedies or as intense as Ajay Devgan's acting in HDDCS... It isn't pathetic like the much hyped Ghajini and it isn't as good as TZP (OK I understand none of the examples I give share a common genre or audience of movies) It isn't crisp.. the end of the movie drags...

Flaws and strong points:
Asin is shown hanging out with the band all day long and late into the night... how her conservative father never realises this is beyond my comprehension
Ajay.. Ajay..Ajay... :'( That's all I can say
Mannu... As a kid as well as the not-so-grown-up, chasing after girls Romeo... is so well portrayed... Totally unexpected... seriously.. Salman's job is commendable and does justice to the character he plays

Acting-wise... character-wise...
Salman takes over the movie as Mannu takes over in the movie... His character is soooooo endearing even when he is chasing after all those girls and getting drunk... you can't help feeling awww about him
Ajay has one blank frown through the movie... absolutely none of the intensity which had made me so desperately want to watch the movie... I for one couldn't have understood what was supposed to have been happening in his mind if I had just seen his walking... rushing along the Thames... and not listened to the words...
Asin... well I seriously don't know what she was doing in the band or in the movie... but atleast she doesn't over-act like in Ghajini
Rannvijay... (I'm sooooooooo in love with that guy since I have been watching Roadies... anyway...) has probably shown more of the vengeance that I had expected from Ajay
Aditya... Again...??? The last confrontation between him and his bro is.. like.. seriously... ??? Thoda to chehre pe expression dikha hota mannn!!!

My rating: ** + 1/2 * ekkshtra only for Salman


posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 12:09 AM


..well said....lekin etna sab to hai hi ess movie me...fir bhi 2and a half etani kanjusi thik nahi...3 * to bante hi hai....aur How can u forget 'PRAA','MERE PRAA KO'AND MANI MORE...SALMAN ACTED really Wel....

Asin,and that V TV VJ enpe fokat pe paise karcha kiya......uske jagah o rakhi sawant bi chal and comedian kyu.....

November 2, 2009 at 1:01 AM  

May be we should change the nam of this move...AJAB ARJUN KI WEMBLEY KI KAHANI....aur Na AAna is wembley Arjun...

November 2, 2009 at 1:07 AM  

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