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Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Raksha Bandhan

You'd think that after what, 18 or so years, of writing to my brothers for Raksha Bandhan, I'd know what to write? But after the first line of 'Hope this letter finds you in the pink of health' as Savita Pacchi used to write to me, I sat there flicking the pen and racking my brain what to write... Asking them to visit, tying the rakhi thinking of me... what else... After 3 quite impersonal letters, it started to feel that I know so very little of my brothers... So I dredge my memory to try to remember something deep within to write something more personal...

So there are Sohan anna and Vijendra who got married since the last Raksha Bandhan... Aniruddha whose thread ceremony happened this year... Gauthan and Gaurav and Sohan anna were my first brothers I tied rakhis to on Raksha Bandhan personally and that was last year... And Kiran, the shy guy, I met after very many years at his brother's, Vijendra's wedding...

As 'fun' as it is to write letters, the only person I write to is ajju and that too was long ago... After asking amma, SMSing Nishanth to give me an idea from a guy's point of view what they expect when their sisters write to them, what it seemed is when you write, write from your heart... like I write this blog... not because someone need read it and but knowing you made an effort putting down on paper or an HTTP page what you felt... what you know and what you'd like to know...

So this post is dedicated to my brothers, who as it happens don't know the existence of my blog... Wishing them all the best and all my love and hoping that next year might be easier... that I would stay better in touch with them... Happy Rakshabandhan

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posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 12:30 AM


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