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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I voted... Did you?

I exercised my right to vote on the 23rd... I performed my duty as an Indian...

I have heard people crib about the government, the state of the city, the roads, each and every detail... However, when it comes to voting, these very people shrink from taking responsibility towards forming the government... If they don't... won't... do they really have the right to make any comments?

40% of Pune voted... Every remaining person probably thought 'As if my vote going to help'... Think about it 60% of the people DID NOT vote... 20% MORE than the people who DID vote... Wouldn't their vote have impacted whatever will be the results?

I vote, I express my opinion towards giving someone the responsibility to represent me and take forward my issues and try to solve them... Maybe I make a mistake... But does that mean I shouldn't vote? There is a next time... Next time I vote for someone else... I know I'm not conceited enough to think I can not be wrong...

All politicians are alike people say... Absolutely corrupt... whom power has corrupted absolutely... but we never consider going into politics... Being a politician doesn't help they say... Then why not vote for the people who have the will to contest in the elections... What are YOU doing by not voting... Maybe your one vote COULD have made a difference... The each 'my' vote that could take the 40% to 100% might make or break whoever comes in power...

Its not the false promises which brings these people in power; its OUR lack of interest... Its OUR disdain... its OUR 'whatever' attitude... its OUR 'belief' that we can't make a difference...


There have been lots of arguments about the cricketers in South Africa... supposedly icons to our country not voting... Its their choice... someone's mistake... their contracts which subject them to not be in India to vote... But does this really discount people who decide to follow the footsteps of their favourite hero and not vote?

How many of us try to find out who is contesting for the seats in our city... Do we take the time to find out what they have done in the past? Did they really provide rice/wheat to poor people at Rs.2 last time? Do we check whether the idea of street lights and free education and financial help to farmers and what-not was indeed given last time? How educated are these people? What have they really done if and when they had been in power? Do they have the mettle to stand up and actually put forward the issues of the people who voted for them?

Politicians have been dividing the country based on different things... Religion... but then the way for this was paved during the Independence of India... wasn't it? They did learn from the experts the idea of 'Divide and Rule'... Castes... but then in a country where minorities get ridiculous amount of advantages, does it really help which religion one belongs to if one is not in the minority? We have been divided on the basis of sex... Being a woman has its privileges... politicians can promise more reservations and free education... Language and states... of course if you belong to this state your job should not be usurped by an alien from another state, right?

You can bitch about all of this or take action... you can try to get someone who can change this to power... Why don't you vote next time? Why don't you get off your bed or couch on this mid-week holiday and cast your vote? Why don't you make the effort to get your name registered as a voter... in the city where you reside? My friend signed up on She said that it made the process quite simple... Why not give it a try...

A couple of interesting campaigns to vote... not for someone just to VOTE... here they are...
1- Tata tea ad
2- Vote... Aapke haath mein hai
I don't know how to add videos... but have a look... you might be impressed enough to be more aware and vote next time

Give it a chance... You might find that you DID make a difference... If not... it atleast would be the beginning... of a revolution...


posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 8:45 PM


i was too happy to be back before my scheduled return just because it meant i could go n vote. and ya I did vote.

April 26, 2009 at 12:28 PM  

I voted too...but didn't have such a nice pic of my nails to flaunt :)

May 1, 2009 at 11:13 AM  

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