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Sunday, March 15, 2009


In a way the energy required to have your house painted is probably equal to that of shifting... Maybe even twice... When you are shifting, you either dump your furniture in your old home and start afresh or envision beforehand what goes where... When you are painting your house, it means, the furniture actually needs to go back to its original place as well... so twice the work...

Painting begins in our house on monday... with my bedroom nonetheless... (well thats why I wanted to write now... just before lunch... hmmmm... kurlya phannaupkari... but thats going away from the topic...) Just finished clearing off the knick-knacks from the showcases... my stuff toys, little shells and keychains and whatnots... brought down the poster of Leonardo DiCaprio... I was so worried it would mar the wall forever, didn't have the nerve to bring it down and then again, it was a gift from Neha, didn't really want to remove it either... The first big piece in my room, my music system went off to ajju's room...

The matress will go to ajju's room tonight and the computer table... so no internet either... The wardrobe and book shelves will be sealed for the painting... Need to remember to carry over some books and clothes to the other room...

The room already looks bare... I am feeling the empty-bedroom syndrome now... Amma just walked in and I watch her look around... 'Khaali distaasa nave,' I ask... 'Vai... Kashki dista' ('Looks empty doesn't it?' 'Yes... Looks strange')

Its a lot of work moving large pieces of furniture but when the tiny ceramic and delicate stuff needs to be moved too, thats scary, just hope nothing breaks... Need to post some before, after, later pics after my room is completely cleared and the painting is done...

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posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 1:21 PM


All the best!! we got the painting done lAST yr... and it was sucha task!! OMG! I really hope it gets done even before u know it. :)

March 16, 2009 at 11:24 AM  

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