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Friday, January 9, 2009

Tom and Jerry

Introducing you to two other members of our team...
Manju who joined the BIP team from ERQA DeskI last year & Ranjit who joined the BIP team from ERQA DeskI this year.

These two keep fighting. Pranjal calls them Tom and Jerry. Have you seen those Tom and Jerry cartoons where Tom keeps trying to bait Jerry and Jerry gets his own in the end? Well do you also remember the episodes where Tom finds this hot new girl'cat'friend and has little time for Jerry. Jerry does everything possible to break up Tom and the girl-cat's relation just because he is lost without Tom.

That is how it is with these two... Ranjit yahaan se chale jao... Just get LOST!!! Arre main yahaan tumse thode bol raha tha... Main to bass aise hi baat kar raha tha... Nikhil Ranjit se kaho yahaan se chala jaaye... Why do you have to sit at my desk? Tumhari apni jagah nahi hai kya? Arre main isse nahin baat kar sakta kya?

All day long.. back-and-forth back-and-forth, these two keep annoying each other either entertaining or irritating the rest of us depending on what all of us are doing... but it is a constant treading on eggshells around these two... And they love to drag everyone around them into the fight as well..

Tejaswini tum hi bolo maine Manju se kuch kaha kya... Main yunhi baat kar raha tha...
Tejaswini Ranjit ko bolo mujhse baat mat karo

Ranjit stop teasing her and just leave her alone for 15 minutes... Manju just ignore him... falls to deaf ears... I guess they have as much fun hating each other and fighting with each other as most of us have listening to their ding-dong battles...


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