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Friday, November 21, 2008

What has changed

What I don't do anymore....

1- Laugh freely
2- Write poems
3- Be mischievous
4- Be childish
5- Play messy-gory computer games
6- Find interest in work
7- Watch cartoons
8- Read comics
9- Chat online
10- Play online games
11- Run and dance around in the house
12- Talk to friends
13- Fight with amma
14- Beg amma to let me cook
15- Don't care about peoples' expectations of me
16- Not watch TV
17- Start dancing when listening to favorite song
18- Not complain and crib about everything
19- Drive by myself
20- Look to go to work
21-Not let amma sleep until she has heard everything that happened at work
22- Sing in the shower
23- Not be afraid to disappoint myself when I go to work and when I return

... Will add to this list as I think of other things... Need to rewind my life and go back to doing these things... Life seemed to be more fun when I did this...


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