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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mercy - Jodi Picoult

Is it selfish if you know you are losing the person you love and you would have them suffer than see them die? Would you if they asked you kill then with your own hands? Is love greater than the pain of losing the person you love more than yourself?

When life throws a curveball and the 'you' who has always had this wanderlust has to stay and take care of your clan, would you put your duties before your own desires? Would the person who is as free as the wind make you fall for them so hard that you would be ready to give up your wife, your roots, your whole being and be ready to take off with them wherever life might take you?

There are two stories running parallelly in Mercy... 5 lead characters and main supporting characters... Cam, the police chief and the chief of his clan, bound by tradition to take care of Wheelock after his father's death; Allie, Cam's wife, owner of a flower shop and the person for whom the sun rises and sets at her husband's behest; Mia, a new comer to the town who enchants Allie with her bonsai and enchants Cam with her whole being... she is everything he ever wanted in life; Jamie, who loved... loves his wife so much that he took his wife's life when dying of cancer she asked him to kill her so she wouldn't spend each day worrying about when her lat day would come; Maggie, Jamie's dead wife, who though dead lives in Jamie's heart and mind... Then there are Graham, Jamie's lawyer, Ellen, Cam's mother and Angus, Cam's uncle...

The story begins with a woman selling off all of her husband's belongings and walking away... It then goes into flashback when Jamie comes to Wheelock to surrender after having smothered his wife...

The two stories run alongside each other... As Jamie says, love is never equal... one loves the other more than the other... Jamie loves his wife so much he grants her request without considering the consequence to himself... Allie loves Cam so much that when all evidence points to the betrayal of her husband, she puts an innocent turn to it... Mia loves Cam so much that she doesn't want Cam to lose his identity because of her...

How exactly do you measure love? The memories it brings? The time you spend together? The way you see them in your mind even when you don't close your eyes?

I still haven't finished the book... Jamie stands trial for committing a murder no matter how heart-rending the situation... Cam on one hand hires a lawyer for Jamie and on the other tries to sever all ties with him... Allie defies her husband to support Jamie, because she can understand the love that made him do what he did... Mia loves Cam so much it hurts to go away but she keeps trying to put her distance for her sake, for Allie's sake, for Cam's own sake... most of Wheelock thinks Jamie had no right to play God... Jamie and Maggies' friends think of Jamie's gesture as more noble than wrong... but what does the law say? Would emotions win over the law?


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