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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Swine flu... bright and dark sides..

For better or for worse,swine flu is a reality Punekars are facing. So what has changed in Pune since the virus decided to make Pune its abode (hopefully for not much longer).

1. Everyone including those who used to describe Puneri women as dressed like terrorists now wear masks, scarves, hankies around their nose and mouth

2. The traffic has gone down drastically. Even at 12 noon where a few weeks ago there used to be a perennial traffic jam, nowadays people stop at signals and follow traffic rules.

3. PMTs seen with people hanging out of the buses have enough empty seats for people to be seated.

4. Malls, multiplexs, schools, colleges are shut down

5. Pune has now lost a doctor, teenage school goers, family members, friends to swine flu

6. If anyone coughs or sneezes, everyone around them jumps

7. Hospitals are full and pharmacies are short of medicines. Everyone suddenly believes in homeopathy, allopathy, ayurveda, God, naani ke nuske and every remedy anyone has suggested is tried

8. Office goers are welcoming ideas of working from home

9. People are demanding Mexico-like shutdown

10. Death counts rose earlier by the week, then by days and now rise by the hour


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