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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Things to do when you can't fall asleep

1- Count from 1 to ... and visualize each number. Restart counting from 1 if your mind starts to wander. You'll be so bored of going through 1-10 over and over, you fall asleep
2- Study... Need I say more?
3- Look at photos and videos... Videos of dancing with friends at Sanskruti and mechanical bull ride at Essel World.. Trust me you get tired just looking at that stuff
4- Make like Heidi and count goats jumping over a fence... If you haven't seen goats lately, your brain is gonna quit before you are able to visualize the goat...
5- Start writing a poem for your friend who's getting married... complete the poem and then go to sleep.. mind is cleared after writing the poem.. no more mental lyrics composition required... You'll fall asleep
6- Start to write a blog post about 'Things to do when you can't fall asleep.' Thats surely gonna leave you knackered... And now that my eyes are starting to droop, mez gonna sign off.. Good night... Whew just 1:10 and I'm bushed...


posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 1:01 AM


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