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Saturday, June 12, 2010

...But it rained

...So Neha says, 'I don't get it. What's with the traffic jam? I mean if it were one of those serpentine roads, it would make sense... But this is a straight road...' 'Hm,' I said. 'I think the rain makes people a bit mad. Everyone wants to get home faster and then cut through the normal road lines.' What's more, we saw cabs, trucks and buses alike trying to wedge in their way from the wrong side of the road blocking the clear road as well. In your face girls... It was no laughing matter, people really go a little mad when it starts raining.

...If my throat wasn't making plans to protest each time I yawned, with the beginning of a sore throat and cold, I would have loved to eat some of the ice cream in the fridge... Well drat it all, I'm gonna eat some ice cream anyway. I have two days to get rid of the cold before I have to go back to office. The weather's finally cooled down and the open window near my head has given me a cold.

...Priyanka was the first to give a miss call today when it rained

...Wonder how going to Varsha's in the rain is gonna work out tomorrow. I have never had a chance to eat something Varsha's made and I'm super excited

...The rain reminds me of our Mahabaleshwar trip when we were in the 11th standard at Modern College

...It also reminds me of hail storms in Madkeri and Gold Coast

...Amma told me it had rained huge hailstones when it rained a couple of weeks ago... I can't believe she didn't keep some of them in the freezer for me :( (she ate them all by herself... how RUDE!!!)

...I remember my white tie shirt and blue jeans; the ensemble which ensured I came home dripping wet... and the ensemble reminds me of Ramoji Film City... the grand tour of which was interrupted by the rain

...And it reminds me of going to watch Gupt and being afraid the beginning of the movie would remain 'Gupt' for us since we were caught in the rain... (For the record we DID NOT miss the beginning)... And Gupt reminds me of Usha Pacchi and amma and annu and me watching many movies together when Usha Pacchi visited Pune.

...And the rain reminds me of sitting outside the door on the steps of mamama's home and enacting all Ads of those days with Narsimha maamu and Usha Pacchi and making paper boats

...And the memories keep flooding...


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