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Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy thoughts...

Life Never leaves you empty,
It replaces everything you've lost.
If it asks you to put something down,
Its coz its asking you to pick something better.

So let me start the post by thanking Sheeba for this truly positive message.

I have been in a rut; so much that I had spoken to someone and said that I had lost all positivity... I who once in a conversation had said, 'I mean, if things go from bad to worse and you finally hit rock bottom of what you thought was a bottomless pit... the only way to go is up.' I believed it, I honestly did. Things, be they good or bad, change...

This message truly conveys positivity... There are many cliches, like when 'One door closes, another one opens.' This one is very similar to that, but the fact is this SMS really touched that part of me that was getting buried under and bogged down under stress and confusion and brought a smile to my face... And that is why I share it here.


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