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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saying goodbye...

Some people just touch your life and become a part of it. And when they leave, you miss them terribly. Some of them you miss when you don't see them at their desk or when your realize that when you turn around to talk to them, they just aren't there... But there are others, who make you feel you are going to burst into tears as soon as they start off on their 'Goodbye... I'm gonna miss you... And this is what I think of you and what I want to say to you' pre-cake-cutting speech.

The last time this happened to me was when Anjali had left. My fellow gossip, mostly I was a sounding-box when she complained but she has done her share of extending the sympathetic ear when I cribbed about how much I miss my grandparents or cribbed regarding how moms never understand you. Standing on the BOBJ floor and trying to wipe off tears unobtrusively was really difficult as we said goodbye especially considering she was off to Singapore... definitely not as close as a call or chat or a weekend meet away.

Today when Pulkit was about to leave, I could feel my eyes fill up and my throat choke; I knew I had to shut up if I didn't want to start crying then and there. I'm sure I sounded callous when all I said is bye. He said we shouldn't miss him since we'd keep meeting and it won't be Goodbye. It's true but the fact is I won't see him in office; I'll miss his enthusiasm, spirit, sincerity towards work, his friendship... I don't know.. just way too many things. Probably more so because we were in the same group and have shared tiffins as often as gossips.

I'm sure we'll keep meeting Pulkit and Saumya even though he has left but I'll still miss sending out the ping for lunch with his name not there in the list. It's one thing knowing someone is on leave and entirely different when you know they aren't coming back.

Well Pulkit, considering you said we'll all keep meeting, trust me this time you have no way around us coming to your place to eat Saumya ke haath ka khaana. Lunch is still pending. All the best buddy for your new job. Hope you reach as many lives and people as you did here. Take care.

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如果你不思考未來,你便不會有未來 ..................................................

June 3, 2010 at 4:49 PM  

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