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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday - special delivery...

My birthday after our engagement was special. My mhanthu, mhava, anna, vanni, akka and her twins had all come for my birthday - a weeklong stay. It was not exactly planned as a visit for my last birthday before marriage. They had booked a Pune vacation to coincide with my birthday - a birthday gift in itself. But when I met R a month and a half prior and we got engaged on September 11th and with the wedding in December, the trip became an even more special event.

I was obviously over the moon to have my family for my birthday. But on the eve of the birthday, while I SHOULD have been happy, I wasn't. I was physically present there, but was mentally in a different place... Wishing R was here for my birthday... It is strange isn't it? Less than two months ago, I didn't know this person existed... And now, I was in anguish and close to tears as I replied in monosyllables when I locked myself in amma's room to talk to him. I had thought in my heart-of-hearts that he would come. But the eve was Saturday. If he were to come, wouldn't he come on Saturday? But... No. That didn't happen... And depressed doesn't begin to tell how I was feeling that night.

Midnight and everyone had stayed awake to wish me... The first call was from R, but it amounted to little more than a happy birthday wish. After all we had spoken an hour ago and with my friends calling and family around, there was little chance of saying any more.

I slept at around 1am, the last call being from Siddhi. I was woken at 4:30 by Sujay calling to wish me. He's my best buddy and I could definitely forgive him for that wake-up call. With the whole family there, I was sleeping on the divan in the hall. (Of course, that way I wasn't disturbing anyone with R's and my phone conversation.)

The calls again began by 6: 30-7. Suddenly my phone buzzes with a message - from R - Reached Pune safely. It took less than a few seconds to process that and I am sure everyone wonder why I suddenly jumped off to brush when till then I was lazing around not ready to budge.

By the time I had washed up and brushed, everyone was in the living room and the bell rang. There was an exclamation of surprise as the door was opened and a flurry of conversation - my heart sang. He WAS here...

Before our wedding, R visited again every month after that. The first time was of course the best... 
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