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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

...And thats what happened

 2 days to my 7 month anniversary and I decided to type some thoughts.

 So whats been happening since my last post....

20th December, 2011: The very very special day in my life. R and I got married. People have told us that the wedding day is something you never remember. You know what, you might prove those people wrong. The day rushes by and a million things are happening around you, but you might just remember everything that happened... the way he looked... the anxiety... the joy... each and every moment. That was how it was for me. I remember him, my family, friends ... all those special people who added to our special day.

 With the Satyanarayan pooja on Thursday, we proceeded to Pune for our reception on 25th December. A week with amma and we were back.

 The New Year marked our visit to Andaman and an idyllic week at Port Blair and Havelock. It is oh-so-beautiful there. Needless to say most of the other Make-my-trip travelers were couples and most of them were fellow honeymooners...  The beaches, the sunsets... everything makes for wonderful memories.

 I have to say I forgot to mention my interview call on 19th December (nah, not really, just didn't wanna start the post with that). A technical interview in December and an opening in April and now I am back to working with KPIT Cummins Infosystems limited. (No, I joined as a new joinee. Not a transfer. This is a different project. No the kind of work is different though its on the same platform. Yes, the timing is 9-6 unless the project entails calls in US timings. Its the same distance as before - 18 kms, but twice the commute time. Yes, I have a cab to office. Work from home is indeed an option when necessary and my manager is pretty good about it.)

 In all this time, we have been to Pune almost every other month and also visited family. We are trying to (still) get to know each other better. We are still thanking the heavens and family for helping us meet.

 In this time, my friend Varsha got married. Purni now has a six month old baby and I am waiting for Shrads to give me the news of my becoming a pacchi soon. Suchitra and Mukta now have kids. Priyanka (Pradhan) delivered a baby. Deeptiakka and Dinesh Bhavaji have baby Diya... It seems that when you are happy (touch wood) you get to hear great news everywhere.

 So now, I have a new family in addition to my old one. Everyone is trying to get to know each other. You know the thing is, a family is just as big as the space in your heart ready to accept it.

 I do have 5 followers and I really appreciate you. So I am going to definitely try to be alittle regular in my posts. Hope to see you again soon. I leave you behind with some photos.

  Thats R in his wedding revelry... looking all dashing and handsome...

 This is obviously me... Smiling for all its worth.



A beginning to many many pics together


   A pic with family on both sides

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