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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

.... And continued

Well this is like a Post Script to the Friendship Day post. This year spent Friendship Day with two of my friends... Priyanka and Varsha... Suchitra was supposed to join too but she couldn't come :(((... It was Supriya's mom's b'day so she couldn't come either :'( So anyway... We had decided to go to Horn OK Please. We had planned on reaching early and booking a table.. No probs said the guy who was minding the door.. Waiting only after 7.30... So now what? We had reached at about 6.30... So we decided to roam around FC road... But the biggest no-no for all of us is crowds... and on that day FC road just resembled some 'Kumbh ka mela.' Lord!!! Seemed everyone was on FC road... So after a small walk, we went to Venus book store.. well window shopping... Even that place holds some memories for Priyanka and me...

So finally there we were outside HOP at 7.30...Oh Oh... What's this? A crowd right outside and the threatening clouds didn't seem to make matters any easier for us.. Well we somehow slipped to the front and as soon as the doors opened... ATTTTTACCCCCK.... Phew just in time... if we had had to wait, we would have got totally wet... It was pouring out there...

So once in, reminisced a bit... thought of the others who weren't there with us that day :( ... As usual the food was great... but the waiter was awful.. service sucked big-time... OK OK me not gonna crib here.. See I am gonna just think of the interesting fun parts of that day (But seriously that waiter!!!!! Hmffff Chod kabhi aur likhoongi... Aaj tak to aisa kabhi nahi hua tha wahaan so will give the place the benefit of the doubt)

Basically had a nice time... As I said, just another reason to get together with friends.... Here we come to end of this blog... Aloha.. ciao... adieu.. Auf Wiedersehn... Au Revoir.. Toodles....


posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 12:24 AM


Bad service envokes funny comments rey... din notice that??
In feb,me and my frns went to Munnar..check that post in my blog..newaz..the guy who served us in the hotel was like actin as if hes frm some Rajnikanth fan..hehehe! 1st we got kinda irritated..then my frns strtd commentin in kannada..(kerala na..they don understand kannada..i understand kannada nicely..4 yrs in b'lore na.heheh) awsome fun it was...i mean..service sux nearly everywhere rey.. ppl get stuff,u hav time to chat..think abt creative stuff and all... nice to c that uve enjoyed..
hav fun!

August 8, 2007 at 10:59 AM  


chalaanga, phir milaanga Bhalle Bhalle

August 8, 2007 at 11:44 AM  

U had courage to even think of gng to FC Road?? :O

mebbe the waiter was angry rey? u musta brought back bad memories to him << Shrads calling him Uncle and all>> hehehehehe i'm sure that's the last thing he wanted to hear... hehe

fine..atleast u enjoyed!


August 8, 2007 at 1:34 PM  

@Ajan: Yeah that def true... if food late u get to sit and chat without the waiters staring at u and wondering when these ppl gonna get outta here but this guy was outta this world weird.. well will write something about that in one of my upcoming blogs... And about commenting in a different language? hmmm... Take it from me.. sometimes that doesn't work either(BTW... Purni will know wat I mean in either of these situations.. Remember the KIPmeet at HOP rite Purni and the Samudra meet?)

@Vichoobhai... Unfortunately rightly put :( This time Horn def not OK :'(

@Purnima: Arre yaar that photographer waiter uncle was there.. door se dekha aur bola.. different waiter would serve us.. shey uska service accha tha re us din

August 8, 2007 at 11:57 PM  

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