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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Up on a pedastal

A couple of days ago, I was listening to the radio (Well ok I am hooked to the radio.. I keep complaining about the same songs that play over and over a zillion times a day, but keep listening). RJ Smita(Thats her name right? The one who hosts the 12.30 show? Lord!! I can never quite remember the shows or the RJs), was talking to a contestant of Indian Idol. The girl was just 16. she had planned to give up her 12th exams and concentrate on singing.

Well when I heard this, I was shocked anew. Kids doing this is not exactly news. The first season itself saw Rahul Vaidya and Prajakta Shukre placing the show on a higher priority than their board exams. What I don't understand is how do these kids actually make the decision to put their career at stake. Singing is a great career if you are successful, but not everyone can be Sonu Nigam or Shreya Ghosal. There must be something you can fall back on, at least some sort of backup plan.

These shows and the contestants are like shooting stars, they suddenly cross the horizon of our TV screens and everyone is gaga over it; And after that except for small mentions, the contestants are gone, from our television screens, from our thoughts, from our memories.

I sure wish these contenders all the best. May their wishes come true. I wish them luck in their endeavour to have a successful singing career, but at the same time I also do wish they have the sense and maturity to realise the odds of make it big in the industry that is Bollywood.


posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 1:00 AM


hey..nothin like that...o'course they hav back up plans rey..the school/coll gives em..
theres my junior calld Abhishek Raj or Abhishek Kumar..some idiot topiwala..hes still there.. sings loudly in the hostel at 5.30am..wakes evry1 frm sleep and all.. crack fellow..
newaz..those ppl frm Indian Idol came and talked wit the coll authorities and they let him go for the show.. what i believe is that,they hav certain timmings for the show to take place rey.. jus that they tell ppl so that no1 leaves their career behind..
Rarely watch Indian Idol..but my roomie keeps on ranting until i say.. "abey chup kar yaaaar"

July 20, 2007 at 12:21 PM  

Well Ajan, I do hope u r rite... It does seem wrong that these ppl might be wasting their lives... I mean some ppl are verrrrrrrrry talented but their luck doesn't hold...

July 21, 2007 at 12:22 AM  

hehe bachpan ki yaad dila di TJ.. i wld have been a lukha too if i had followed this stupid idea of mine. Ther was this dumb actress, called "Sindhu Rao" in kannada from my place. She was my friend's cousin. And thsi fellaw used to give me all insider stories of Sandalwood( kannada filmdom). One day he said lets both run away n join this team in gandhi nagar.. ( he wanted to be an actor n I a director :D).. I didnt dare to tell this to MOM. He tried to pester his mom n got nicely whacked.. "STUDIES FIRST!!"... HE is a school teacher today and I m cut-paste engineer today.. isme hi apna kalyaan hai .. not in "LIGHTS-CAMERA-ACTION -CUT"mein nahi.. :))

Howeva, if u have grit n determination I dont think u have to follow studies at all.. Sachin Tendulkar is d best example.. Now dont tell me "NOT EVERYBODY CAN BE SACHINs"...

@Ajan, Is he from BMS college, Bsanavangudi by any chance.. Cos i remeber one such guy well!! when i Saw Indian Idol , i felt I must have seen thsi chap...

July 23, 2007 at 12:54 AM  

@Anna: That would have been first thing I would have sed... Not everyone can be Sachin or Sonu Nigam or Shreya Ghosal or Prabhudeva or Amitabh Bacchan or those huge names and faces on posters... All I can say is have a back up plan, becoz sometimes naseeb saath nahi deta

July 23, 2007 at 10:40 AM  

@ AJ
No da, he's not from BMS..he's from Sir.M.V.I.T.. His name is Abhishek Raj or Abhishek Kumar..Guess he changed it to Abhishek Kumar after goin there.. I clearly rem him telling his name as Abhishek Raj when me and my friends ragged him some 3 years back. He's the guy with the topi..pagal fellow...

August 3, 2007 at 2:04 PM  

Well, Mr ajan... This is abhishek.. thanks for writing so much about me down there... but i must say u guys only one thing.. If u have ur back up plans ready , this is the age to take risk on your passsion.. I ve earned so much of fame and money which i could not have got even if i would have cracked iit. Yes its true no one can become Sonu... but just imagine 15 years before people like u must be saying the same things to My dear Sonu Ji... he was juz focussed on his career... I like criticism... Because that makes me more robust and passionate towards my career.... And by the way mr ajan .. did u ragged me ? Ha ha.. idiot .. tc of ur job.. recession is playing its role.. so just secure your career first.. I m very happy from what i achieved... Tc.. guys .. god bless u all.. Bye

May 18, 2009 at 9:41 PM  

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