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Saturday, August 18, 2007


At sudden unpredictable times you relive your childhood... just something you see, some kids playing, some songs, whatever... just trigger off certain memories.

Well today that happened when amma and I had gone out... We had gone to Bhandarkar road and then were coming back walking via
Deccan. While walking we came outside a furniture shop. Now there I see a bunk bed... Well instead of two beds one atop other, this one had a bed on the top and a writing table, a chest of drawers and a chair below (don't know if this is called something else btw...) Anyway, what this reminded me of was of the time when we used to live in Ashwamedh society. Mansi and Kruti, sisters had a bunk bed and all of us (Don't know how this came about but all the kids in the building were girls... each and every one…Shradha, Deepa, Mansi, Kruti, Tina (well she lived in the next building) of course later there were Neha, Mugdha, Charusheela, Neha(another Neha that is) and of course how could I forget me?) would play in their house some evenings... Where does the bunk bed come in picture? Well, what we used to do is, one person, the 'denner' (What does that mean anyway? How did the word come into existence? No idea... But that’s the person who is supposed to catch the rest) would stay on the top bunk and the rest of us would be on the lower bunk. The person above couldn't look down... She would just put out a hand from any side of the bed and try to catch the rest of us and we would just play on the lower bunk screaming away to glory...

OK stupid memory I know but just something I remembered today. Sometime maybe I’ll share a childhood memory pertaining to my best friend and cousin, Ashwini:)

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