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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hotel Howlers...

Tell me honestly, when was your last uneventful hotel experience? I mean seriously, something always happens when you go to a hotel. Sometimes embarrassing.. sometimes funny... sometimes annoying but never uneventful. So in this post, I'll write some of the funny or weird hotel happenings....

Well this is was back when I was in engineering... I don't remember what the occasion was, probably the last day of exams... well whatever it was, we had decided to go for a movie and lunch before that... Anagha and Priyanka had gone to E-Square directly to get tickets. The rest of us, lemme see, kaun kaun tha... Suchitra, Gandhali, Supriya and I would be meeting them at Kamath hotel. So when we reach there, Anagha and Priyanka were in splits... and ready to burst to tell us about what had happened.... Since we would take time to reach, they had gone ahead and ordered for us... 6 Butter naans... a couple of sabzis... Well first of all, see, when you look at Anagha or Priyanka, neither of them exactly looks like they could finish 6 butter naans between them... I mean Anagha is tall, Priyanka is short... but both of them are like pretty thin... So when he hears of this monstorous order gawks at them, jaw dropping down and asks... 'Madam... ek saath laoon?' These girls cool as cucumbers reply... 'Haan haan ek saath...' Of course as soon as the waiter had left these girls dissolved in laughter :D

Now this is an episode of when pretty much half of our building had been invited for the naming ceremony of our neighbour's daughter. So there we go... see the baby... exclaim on how cute she is (and adorable she was... :)) and then the only girl in our building I had come to know then, being in 10Th I hadn't got to know too many people, sat together at a table... Now the place where we had sat was right next to a window... we start with our food and suddenly from the window behind us, flies this 'roach... Well I'll admit, cockroaches gave me a huge fright back then and a flying one I find creepy even now and to top it all, this thing was reeeeeeally huge... The thing had settled on my friend's shoulder. Now how do I get rid of this thing without creating a scene? 'XYZ,' I whisper to my friend (Name changed to prevent embarrassment to the girl), 'Don't worry but there's a cockroach on your shoulder....' Before I could complete the sentence, madam had let out a scream, she finds these creepy crawly winged creatures even more freaky than I... Bass ho gaya... The 'roach jumped from her shoulder to the table, everyone in the hotel turns around to stare at us... and now getting rid of the thing is even more difficult. The rest of the evening my mind has completely blanked out... But this one incident has taught me, if ever you see a roach in a hotel on someones shoulder, make an excuse and make the person get up, pick up a magazine or something and swat the damned thing before she gets a chance to scream... Lord!!!! That was reaaaaaaaaaally embarrassing...

Now lets come to the Samudra meet of KIP. We konkani Orkuters in Pune have our very own community started by my good friend Purnima. We all meet once in a while. The most recent meet was at Hotel Samudra, near Nal Stop. Since there were three moms in this group, we were talking mostly in konkani and generally that's what we do anyway, when we don't want anyone to understand us, we make it a point to talk in konkani. Now here we are commenting on each and every thing... as usual, Purnima and I just haaaad to comment in each spelling mistake in the menu and giggle... all of us were pretty much commenting to no end in konkani... And after a nice long drawn meal... as usual pics taken in every which pose... making faces, posing with a ketchup bottle... sab ho gaya.. we are now ready for our bill and the gentleman who had taken our orders comes and says something which sounds suspiciously like... 'Ani?'(Anything else?)... I jabbed Purnima... 'Did that guy just speak in konkani'? 'No idea', she said... And as we started to leave the room, the guy directs us... 'Thain dakunu nayi.. hanga dakunu vacchyati', (Don't go that way, go from here) Well needless to say that guy had probably heard all our comments (I hope we hadn't commented on him.. crossing my fingers...) We clamped close our big mouths and ran down the stairs... whew that was embarrassing... Lesson to learn: Do not presume that the person in front of you can't understand some language you know... you might have to eat crow... :P

There are more of these... but amma just came out and warned me to go and sleep else I won't get up on time and she'll lose her cool early in the morning trying to get me to get up... (as always ;))


posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 12:07 AM



quite a few good/ bad/ great/ embarassing exp from my side too..

1s me, anna n cuz anna had been to a resto..bill kiya..chg came rs2. My generous, large hearted anna (who is lazy to pull out wallet to tip) says "itle puro naave.. ani chada nakka"
while we were abt to leave the resto...waiter comes running behind us calling out... n gives bk the 2 rupees n says "he tumchyach kade theva" n goes away leaving us dumbstruck... staring behind him! hehehe wattan exp!

n haan.. small chg .. we realised waiter amchi when he sed to ananth anna "ani kai order karu assa ki?/ bhairi waiting assa!"
aaj bhi bechare "surprised" anna ka tond atayaa toh me lolz :))


August 9, 2007 at 9:53 PM  

Nahi re Purni, pehle aur kuch bola tha usne... had sounded rude.. as in I had commented to u.. and asked whether he had just spoken konkani.. he had sounded like quite a grouch then...

BTW.. hihi really funny abt that waiter... I mean Rs.2 incident... nahi re... me seriously thinkz these waiters think they are the ones who really run the place... Same thing in colleges.. peons get more bhaav than even the Principal

August 10, 2007 at 12:43 AM  

HAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA!!!! Liked the labels attached to it...some govinda fan..uh?? Jus kiddin!
oye..i understand that gals like small small cute cute soft soft babies,coz they hav chubby cheeks,cutie two tooth smile and nice soft round hands balled up including the lil scream of delight wen they laugh( don put bambi eyes thinkin o babies)...but what I don't understand is..wats with 11th august and bloggers?? nearly evry1 on my blogroll has a blog posted on 11th...tell me somethin abt that..
and yea...cockroaches really reak out sum1.. jus the other day ive seen wierd stuff on AXN dare to win or w/e its called..waiters are kinda funny sometimes... y don u jus assume that..the guys knows only a few lines in konkani...wat say??

August 12, 2007 at 7:17 PM  

Well Ajan, when I got back and told my mom about this guy she says.. oh sure... Samudra has konkani waiters... nothing special.. shey i wish i had asked amma before i had gone there.

August 12, 2007 at 7:47 PM  

@ Tejaswini,
my amma had already told me b4 coming for the meet. me forgots to menshun it heh heh! ;)

August 12, 2007 at 10:33 PM  

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