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Friday, January 28, 2011

How to make the man sitting behind you on a bus stop snoring (and basically find a way to wake him up)

1. Make a sound clip of his snore and play it in his ear startling him awake

2. Suddenly take back your chair to its limit so that the jerk wakes him

3. Turn on the reading light over his head so that he dreams he's in an interrogation room and wakes up

4. Gather all your energy caused by the frustration of him talking annoying loud and turn around and start playing antakshari with your neighbour... They are hardly likely to be asleep with the background score

5. Start drinking water and then 'accidentally' pour it on his face

6. Get some cotton and sellotape and tape it to his face

7. Warning: This is not my brainchild. Results may vary. Extreme caution necessary. Author not responsible for consequences

a) Stab him with something

b) Hold a pillow on his face

8. Just kick him

9. Make a deal with the cleaner. Tell him he can catch his beauty sleep if he switches seats with Mr. Kumbhakaran. There is no way the driver is gonna fall asleep. Trust me.

10. Last but not least: Shake him awake and scream at him like a banshee (Don't forget to mess up your already rumpled hair) while pretending you are the ghost of sandman past, present and future and tell him how his snoring didn't let his kids concentrate on studies due to lack of sleep, show him how the other passengers are staring at him and how his neighbour is unable to sleep and finds it difficult to stay awake on the bloody business meeting they had been discussing at full volume before going to sleep


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