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Sunday, November 30, 2008


As a kid, I loved to hear stories about Dashavatar... either told by ajju or by Narsimha maamu... It tells of the 10 avtaars of Lord Vishnu... But, when you think about it, it also tells the story of evolution...

First there was 'Matsya' a fish, something that lived in water... then 'Koorma,' a turtle... an amphibian... then 'Varaha' a huge beast... then came 'Narsimha,' half man half animal... then there was 'Vamana' a dwarf... then 'Parashurama,' a wild man... then 'Rama' the ideal man.. then 'Krishna' someone who enjoyed all the pleasures in life who had both vices and virtues... then the saint, 'Buddha'... the final avtaar is said to be 'Kalki' someone who is still to be born... someone who will come to earth when it is filled with evil and destroy everything... and then the circle is to repeat...

But how does God decide when it is time for Him to come to earth? News of bombs, terrorists fill the papers... Neighbours become enemies... Who comes to save the humans in time of need? Are these stories of Gods and Godesses just that? Stories? Bed time tales to tell children so that they keep believing that good triumphs over evil?

...then why did so many have to die in Mumbai last week? Some of them took the oath to save lives and they lived this oath by sacrificing themselves... Some of them were regular people, some unsung heroes... They laid down their lives for others...

People left their homes to go for a vacation... to do their daily jobs and never returned to hug their children or smile happily at their families and friends... some who escaped physically unscathed but mentally charred... will probably be traumatized for life after this experience...

Is there a God who allows this to happen or is He watching the events unfold as a part of His grand scheme or is He waiting for someone to take His place on earth? Does he, as he always has, come in the form of humans who will put the lives of others before their own?

Or does he want each human to become kalki and destroy everyone else and ultimately destroy earth?
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Friday, November 21, 2008

What has changed

What I don't do anymore....

1- Laugh freely
2- Write poems
3- Be mischievous
4- Be childish
5- Play messy-gory computer games
6- Find interest in work
7- Watch cartoons
8- Read comics
9- Chat online
10- Play online games
11- Run and dance around in the house
12- Talk to friends
13- Fight with amma
14- Beg amma to let me cook
15- Don't care about peoples' expectations of me
16- Not watch TV
17- Start dancing when listening to favorite song
18- Not complain and crib about everything
19- Drive by myself
20- Look to go to work
21-Not let amma sleep until she has heard everything that happened at work
22- Sing in the shower
23- Not be afraid to disappoint myself when I go to work and when I return

... Will add to this list as I think of other things... Need to rewind my life and go back to doing these things... Life seemed to be more fun when I did this...


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