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Sunday, December 27, 2009


So... I watched this movie with my office friends on wednesday... A good movie overall and good movie to comment on.

The story is quite interesting in that, on a distant planet in 2054, humans are to connect with their minds to their 'Avatars' (Read Ae-va-th-aar-s) which look like the indigenous population Na'vi. The Na'vi have a strange connection to their planet, the animals and trees. The story is then the usual... hero falls for the alien female, then fights against the evil researchers/scientists/miners from his home planet to lead the inhabitants of the planet Pandora to victory.

Whats hot about the movie is the colour and imagination put into making this movie. The animals though have a resemblance to earthly animals are still very different. The flora and fauna is all colourful and vibrant. Bright blues and reds dot the frames. The holy tree is breathtakingly beautiful too.

Whats not hot is the fact that this movie has been made in 3-d and it is terrible... especially if you have watched movies like Final Destination 4 which has you gasping and shrinking when objects seem to fly at you. Honestly, there is not much of a point to have made the movie in 3-D. It doesn't have anything for the need of the 3rd dimension and what little is shown in 3-D is sloppy work indeed.

So overall, my verdict for this movie is 3 stars for the movie - 1/2 a star for the bad and disappointing 3-D. So overall, 2+1/2 stars. Catch the movie in 2-D. The 3-D wow factor is only for those who have never watched a 3-D flick.


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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Secret Santa

Christmas and New Year are right around the corner and since I joined KPIT in 2007, it has meant the following things... End of quarter... so mad pressure to meet targets... no leaves... no customers... no counterpart engineers... and strangely last two year ends two of my cousins got married. This year though, our senior manager came up with the idea of celebrating Christmas.

He calls us in one day last week and says... 'It is celebration and festival time and everyone is working with dead faces. So what we are going to do this year is celebrate Christmas at work.' Now apart from the themes and decorations and Christmas tree, we were to have Secret Santa. Now, for the uninitiated, Secret Santa basically means, the names of all people involved are written down on chits and each person brings a gift for the person whose name is drawn.

Accordingly we brought in and decorated a tree... it looks lovely in fact downright stunning by the way... we drew names. Now came the huge issue... what do we get? Now I know what I'd buy for my close friends.. well at least I think I'd know... I can guess what I could buy for my BIP team mates, I mean I have been working with most colleagues for a great deal of time... but what do I get for the team mates from ERQA whom I know nothing about??? I mean, I talk to them, but still am clueless to their likes and dislikes... heck, all I can think of is a nice Parker pen for guys and accessories for girls... but how do we get a personalised gift?

As luck would have it, I drew the name of a girl from the ERQA team.. whom I am on pretty much hi-bye, nice dress, looking nice basis...Now what do I get her????


Yesterday was Christmas eve... There was huuuuuuuuuge 5 KG cake brought in to be cut and eaten and distributed across the floor... as in not just our ETAC region but also the ATAC folks who come in by 7:30... The sight of the yummy looking cake was quite tempting but more so was the idea of gifts... I knew I had two gifts... One from Sujay, I knew that... He had played secret Santa to 5 people in fact...

So after much deliberation and time changes we all gathered at 7:30 in the Kund area... Photography prohibited... Sonal and Bhavi stood in as the Santa and Santa's helper respectively to call out the gifts and the recipients...

I had got Asha a slim purse, a cute silver one and had written a small line for her on the card... 'For a girl with style and class.' She says she liked it... moreover both, the gift and the words... In fact it seems many others did too considering a lot of the girls ooh-ed and aah-ed when she opened it... Me is definitely happy :)

I got a lovely photo frame from Sujay (the guy sure is a good listener, he had heard me talking about getting a frame for my pic with Purni and Shrads... though I shall use this one to put in an old office pic with Anj and him, a pic with my oldest and best friends at work)... and a beautiful huge purse from Anis Sir... which is perfect with loads of compartments...

I found one of the gifts I had been looking for my friends... A Sai Baba statue for Sujay.... for the others... well I'll get them when I find what I'm looking for...

In the mean time, as it is Christmas today and since I told Santa that I hadn't put up the socks last night because I got two really cool gifts already, for anyone reading this,



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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The worst thing about fighting with one of your best friends is...

...there's no one you can go to cry to

...another best friend feels this is just like all those usual times you come home after fighting feel hurt that you hurt someone realise, finally, that they really do not understand what you are talking about switch off the phone when they call and feel worse that you probably made them feel worse punish yourself by punishing them feel miserable that you have no one to talk to... specifically that you do not want to talk to them write a really crappy blog post about it so that everyone including they realise you feel awful hurts... it always hurts...


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