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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am overjoyed...

I seriously am overjoyed... I have got today (or should I say yesterday, its almost 1 in the morning...) something I have wanted for sooooooooooo long... For the first time after 2 and a half years, I became the Hero of the Week...

I understand 2 and a half years is along time to win this prestige, but that actually makes this sweeter... I have been jumping with joy and grinning since I got home...

Is it selfish and self-centred if I just keep talking about how I feel??? But the fact is, I just got something I have really aspired and craved for and it means a lot to me... probably more than any other recognition that I have received at work since a long time... This doesn't make all the other recognitions any less, its just that this is something more... much much more...

So here goes the e-mail...

Subject: This Week's European Business User Support (EBUS) & IBUS Hero of the week is......

…… Tejaswini Shenoy from IBUS EBUS BIP-ADMIN Team based in Pune.

Tejaswini has been a key player in the team and has demonstrated exceptional skills in managing AUTH queue at IBUS EBUS Team.

We received the following comments recently appreciating Tejaswini’s dedication and commitment:


Tejaswini Shenoy is a technically competent, polite, kind and with great patience! Brilliantly she resolved our problem. I'm very satisfied from your support service.





We received quick and reliable information on what to do. So far this case is closed cause we are looking forward to move on to XI 3.1. I was very pleased with the commitment and the accuracy of questions asked and solution provided. Thank you


Tejaswini Shenoy makes a really good job. It takes a long time to find a solution but it was a more a problem on xxx-domain-policy. She analyzed all the problems and at the end we found the exact solution what she suggested. The other problem was my calendar as it was overloaded. She was also very helpful behind all the requests we had for the problems.

Best Regards,


Senior Application Manager

This feedback truly reflects Tejaswini’s dedication & commitment on delivering the best to our customers. Experts like Tejaswini lead by example and, as we see from their comments above, customers are clearly delighted with the service offered.

Congratulations and great work Tejaswini!



(Sorry for all the xxx... I think the NDA I signed does not allow me to mention the names of customers or customer contacts)

I received some really nice comments and congrats e-mails from many of my colleagues and friends and seniors and I really want to thank them... And a huge thanks to Gaurav for nominating me and as Gaurav said, a huge thanks to Bhavi for pressing my case on his behalf since he couldn't join the final Hero of the week call... Thanks for all the support, for the encouragement and for believing in me... (This might sound like one of the Oscar speeches, but this really means that much to me :D )


P.S. As I was returning from work, I looked at the calendar and realised I have a week and a half rather than just 2 days as I had thought originally and you know what... I am going to make my resolution of the month come true...

Note to self: It has been a long time since I wrote Uday a list of 'First's since I went live in the process... Ensure that this e-mail is forwarded to him as well.


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