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Friday, November 16, 2007

People... and friends... and company

Its weird how soon we get attached or accustomed to some people in no time at all. I don't need to go a long way back to demonstrate this... Lets just take the example of people I have met since I joined KPIT...

During training, I got acquainted with Aparna... I have never met someone with so much spirit and such a strong person... she supports her family... she completed her studies by taking up a loan and then repaid it herself... I had known her for a total of 10 days and been actual friends with her for about 5-6 days, yet when we parted ways after the 10-day test, I felt desolate... She caled me up recently to ask how I was and we spoke for a while... her bubbly disposition will definitely take her places...

Then another person we lost from our training team who became a good friend was Rushikesh... At 20, the baby of our team, he sat at the computer in front of my seat so we used to talk a lot... discussing whatever task Uday, our trainer, had put before us... He left the team halfway into the 30 day training... Uday thought we had lost a very good engineer... so did I, but mostly I lost another new friend that I had made in so short a time... about 20 days... It was great to see him a couple of months ago when he had visited the office with a friend...

Then lets come to my team... Shweta... she sat in the bay right next to me... an extremely sweet girl with a vile temper but amazingly helpful and patient... I can't imagine how many times a day I would get up and ask her one thing or the other... I have learnt a lot in the one or two months I have worked with her... It felt awful when she quit to go back to her hometown...

Before you start thinking everyone I make friends with ups and leaves the company, lets talk about another friend I made... Imran, Varsha had introduced, was the person to talk to if you had any sort of doubts... She has been proved correct time and again... He is the sort of guy who will help you no matter what... you can very well count on him... a guy with an iron determination, focus and weirdly interesting sense of humour, I feel extremely comfortable around him, inspite of the fact that I know him for maybe 5 months and have pestered him endlessly since Shweta has left... I know that if I need to talk about something, I can definitely talk to him... He has guided me and I he is one of the two people I idolise in this company, the other ofcourse being Uday.

Sheeba, such a sweet girl, the wife of design team trainer Manish, I hadn't imagined her to be so sweet... a beautiful and sensitive girl... she is another person I feel comfortable around... like I can talk to her... again, I have spent time with her for just about a couple of months now, but when these days only Imran and I go together to have a late lunch, we both missed having Sheeba with us when she went on a leave during Diwali...

Last but not least a couple of people I wouldn't have imagined I could miss so much... Neither do I talk much to them nor am I close to them, but Anshul and Yuvraj I missed a lot when they were away during Diwali... Anshul sits in the bay right behind me... He has this sometimes annoying sometimes quirky habit of breaking into songs anytime during the day... everyone will be quite busy and suddenly this guy will be singing some song... he has this annoying habit of singing the same song.. rather same couple of lines over and over all through the day... Yuvraj on the other hand is really quiet...he sits a bay away... lekin beech beech mein aise comments maarta hai, end up laughing... But I seriously missed the two when they went missing over Diwali... I can seriously say I got terribly bored the last two weeks... I had to tell Anshul today that I missed his singing when he came back today...

If any of these people leave though... I'm gonna feel jinxed....


posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 12:11 AM


first of all...with the change of font, ur blog looks AWESOME!! don't change it now.

coming back to your post... yes, very much agree to the part where we get used to people around us. whether they please us or irritate us, we are habituated to having them around. and without them, the day seems incomplete.
and somehow, we think the situation will remain the same, until one day when they say "i've gtg"

But good to see that u r around people u like being with.


November 16, 2007 at 11:02 AM  

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