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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bass Do minute...

I have never really grasped the concept of "Mummy bohot bhookh lagi hai..." .. "Bas Do minute?"... I mean when you chop vegetables long and thin (there is a word for that right? Julienne? Whatever...) then shallow fry onions and steam the vegetables and boil the water and THEN when you add the noodles, the two minutes start from there 8-| I mean like.. WHATEVER... that definitely takes longer than those stipulated 2 minutes...

The real concept of instant noodles came with those yummy Cup-O-Noodles... Boil water... Add to noodles... close lid... wait for two minutes and Voila... noodles ready WITH vegetables... How cool is that? And perfect for a midnight snack... which brings me to why I am writing this post right now...

I normally get home at around 11 and since I can't stand the food at my office I have dinner when I get back. So I am usually famished when I get back... Wash hands and ATTACKKKK... Today we surprisingly had a holiday (surprising because our office is so stingy with holidays, I have signed a Holiday register at least twice before entering and I have been there for just 3 months) So I had dinner at regular holiday time i.e. 8.30 pm and about 40-45 minutes ago, got ravenously hungry. I wondered why... then I looked at the clock... Well amma there is the reason, its the normal time have dinner... OK now the big question... WHAT DO I EAT??? Nope... don't want to eat fruits... no way am I gonna eat biscuits(that I had bought on saturday... in case I get hungry at office... Amma is awfully worried about my seriously missing appetite...) My ever faithful companion, Cup-Noodles (Nah no spelling mistakes... they changed the name) was out of stock at home (Why God.. Why???) So finally amma unearths a packet of Maggi Rice Mania we had bought in a moment of sheer mania on my part since I never am home during the week... (Thank God for small mercies)... No point worrying about those little details like vegetables, I am gonna just make noodles as they are.. no frills... Good night amma, I say... I'll make it. So 5 minutes later, noodles ready.

Now I sit in front of the computer enjoying the noodles... they are quite good actually... And surprisingly, this is the first time I have made maggi since I developed a complete nausea for that and had pretty much sworn off it*... And well I think it is high time I got reacquainted with my old old friend maggi... Naye dost aate jaate hain... lekin jo musibat mein saath nibhaye woh asli dost kehlaate hain...

* This actually goes back to the time Shraddha and I had gone to stay at Purnima's. We got hungry in the middle of the night or early in the morning, as you would prefer to consider it. Purnima and I decided to make noodles... Aahhha Maggi chicken or egg or whatever it was. Perrrrrfect. Vegetables I say. Purnima brings out onions.. chop chop... ready to fry. Any other vegetables I ask? Carrots? Wonderful... We slice them... In they go into the micro... Beep... Boil water add onions and carrots and noodles and the water we had boiled the noodles in and what do we have? Noodle soup!!! Great... Increase the flame to high... get lost in conversation and the maggi becomes well summwat normal looking... we dish it into dishes for the three of us... Shraddha eats it up quietly. We are still busy talking by the window... a cool feb night... the maggi gets colder.. it gets drier... it gets sticker... and feels icckier... I swallow the mess... Purnima can't bother... The end... Purnima and I decide... last time we eat maggi... And until today, I hadn't eaten maggi (well I ate Cup-O-Noodles and Top Ramen ;) Purnima stopped eating Top Ramen too)
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It takes 2 minutes of -cooking- time for maggi on high flame. Thats when you are ready with boiled water (time to boil water not counted :P).. yes, it does take longer in normal conditions due to various physical variables which deviate from standard tests :P..

I've tried cooking normal stuff (upma, shevai etc), maggi, and got down to simpler stuff like bringing home MTR ready to eat, boiling the packet and gobbling the contents..

The most nutritious would be corn flakes..cold milk+ banana+ corn flakes+ honey (+ other secret ingredients) ..takes less than 1 minute.. and is quite yum too (but not masaledar-incase you are in the mood for it)


October 3, 2007 at 11:18 AM  

Ah yes.. I had forgotten all about my favourite corn flakes... I used to lovvve eating honey flakes during engineering as a mid night snack... As my final engineering exams came to an end though, I got fed up of those... very short interest span you see when it comes to food stuff... still gotta say, honey flakes did hold my interest for atleast 4 semesters...

October 3, 2007 at 11:31 AM  

Spare me from the nightmares!! god! oh dear god!! what have I done to suffer these unbearable tortures!!
ahem ahem... i actually lived the nite all over again..n looking bk at it feel like loling..but unmetionable taste of maggie...? i think lemme just keep it at that...

October 3, 2007 at 5:02 PM  

If I might dare to add...
The joke around town regarding how to make maggi came along when Saurav Ganguly went through a rough patch.
The simple 4 step formula is given below
1) Put 2 glasses of water into a vessel and place it on the gas stove
2) wait for Ganguly to come into bat
3) When Ganguly comes into bat, turn on the gas stove. When he reaches the crease, break a packet of maggi into it with tastemaker
4) Turn off stove when Ganguly gets out

Maggi noodles READY TO SERVE...buss do minute mey...

October 18, 2007 at 12:27 AM  

I wish someone had told us this that eventful day in history when we had to suffer through our own cooking... (sigh!!!)... Am sure your recipe would have been easier to follow... (Double sigh!!!)

October 18, 2007 at 1:03 AM  

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