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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kids do the darndest things

A few years ago, most of my family had come to Pune. Ajju, Bapama, Mhantu, mhava, Sohan Anna, Vatsalakka, Soniakka, Shivram Bhavaji, Meghana and Mehul, and Ganesh maamu, Nalini akka and Ashwini from my Dad's side and Narsimha maamu, Shreelakshmi maayi and Krishna from my mom's side. The occasion? Nothing really. Maamu and mayi were thinking of visiting us and so were everyone from mhanthus' so thought if everyone came together it would be all the more fun. And what's more my grandparents were in their 70th year of marriage, so we thought we could have a small Satyanarayan Puja at that time.

Maamu, mayi and Krishna came first. Now lets introduce our neighbour's grand daughter... The little princess who lives in the flat above us.. Ishika... Ishika and Krishna were born on the very same day a few hours apart... When she was a baby it was just amazing to listen to her... She would start crying, so her dad or grandad would start to sing... aisa waisa nahi... a proper aalap... And this little kid would wail exactly like that!!! That babe had a gifted voice... Sooo coming back to our little hero Krishna... Now the first day he came here, we were standing in the balcony. Ishika comes to the window... (Their living room window overlooks our balcony) Her mom says to her... 'To bagh dada' (Dada=Older brother)... Now from then on, she used to keep calling out to him off and on 'Dada.. Dada...' and our little Gopal would come running out when he heard little Radha call out to him... and he would stand there looking up at her and calling out to her 'Didi.'

The next day, in the morning, my grandparents arrived by flight and were followed the next day by the rest of the family... Now lets just point out that Krishna was 2 years old then... When he met Meghana and Mehul, 4 years old, he was absolutely delighted... and so were they to see the little one. Now the little brat is soooooo haughty I tell you, whenever poor little Ishika would call out, our little high-and-mighty definitely was NOT ready to go out. He would pretend not to hear.. neither her calls nor our, 'Paley.. appaitaasa paley tukka' (Look, she's calling out to you...) No siree he definitely gave our damsel a cold shoulder.

Somehow these kids developed such a good bond... They say twins don't allow a third kid to come between them. But with Krishna they were absolutely generous and sweet. They would play with him and hug him and kiss him and pamper him... One of the cutest things they would do is Krishna would sit on Mehul's back and Meghana would pretend to sit on Krishna's back.. We were worried the first time they did this but we immediately realised that she was just pretending to sit on his back.

Laying down the matresses at night though was a huuuuuge headache... The moment the matresses were laid out, these kids would come running out of nowhere rolling on them and making the beds was a terrible task for all of us. Of course once they had their fun, Meghana and Mehul would actually help us lay out the beds.

It was an absolute joy having those kids around... Three years since then and I can still recollect the naughtiness and cute little pranks they played.

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reminds me of times when we used to go to my pacchi's place... vairi malyeri vocche ani amgile masti suru javche ashile (my 2 younger cousin bros, loved playing WWF...and we used to have a gala time cheering the two) ani thode vel jalle kudle kon na kon puni ladai kornu rodu suru kartale ;) ani magiri megele ammana ani pacchi na vairi yevnu "kasa karta re? kheltana jagrati, haatu paayu monu ghevche vilavari kornakka chi" mhanche ashile. LOL!
gammat jatale!

but now, all of us have grown up, some cousins are married and are busy with their kids... yet when we meet, recollect the old memories and have a great time together.
lekin sach main... miss those time terribly.

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