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Saturday, September 8, 2007


We had our alumni function today. Second alumni function of SKNCOE.. in fact the second this year. The first was in January... no one wanted to wait till September for the very first Alumni function... Of course we had a pre-alumni function too...

Our first alumni function was held in college... Theme... Hawaii... It was pretty cool.. Everyone.. well 'most everyone in skirts and wearing jerberras in their hair... No other class can ever beat the girls in my class when it comes to dressing up for themes... especially Sravya or Priyanka Batra... Sravya had dressed up like Anarkali during our send-off for the Bollywood theme... Priyanka had worn a nice paper tassel skirt over her own skirt for the Hawaiian theme with flowers in her hair and around her head and around her wrist... Needless to say I have always been rather hopeless when it comes to dressing up for a theme... Well anyway, our college and our juniors had arranged it really well... It was arranged in the college lawns (Normally we weren't even allowed to step into the well manicured lawns.. that day we actually had a party there... how cool is that... OK fine... when we got home mosquito bites on our legs and our arms we didn't think THAT was all that great.. but we were blissfully ignorant rite? Annnnnyway....) We were welcomed with those plastic flower garlands and tender coconuts... there were Beach background cutouts for snapping photos... They had thought of everything... We danced... ate.. had fun... Of course when t comes to dancing definitely have to mention Priyanka, Anagha and Sujata... They don't like to dance.. they don't dance unless we drag them to the dance floor and make them dance and even then they find the smallest window of opportunity to slip away and just clap... So we were trying to teach them how to dance... OK I said... Lift right foot and place it about a foot away... Lift left foot and let it join the right foot.. OK now the other way... OK now move your hands a little... OK that's good... Now the waist and finally the shoulders .. There you go easy as pie... And just when they have learnt that one step.. gaana change.. next is RDB... Ab Bhangda... And again next song... They were switching songs so fast, were we to be playing musical chairs we would have got dizzy... Anyway had fun... And most because all 6 of us were together.. Anagha, Priyanka, Sujata, Supriya, Varsha and I....

And that's what we kept thinking of today... We missed Anagha and Sujata and trying to get them to dance... Missed Varsha... Missed Priyanka Batra who has returned to Delhi... Missed so many of our classmates who had come last time but still had lots of fun with some classmates we hadn't seen since the last alumni function or since after our finals last year... This time the party was at Abhiruchi Farms.. The theme.. Village... Dear Lord!!! Fine... I'm gonna dress up as a visitor from the city... How in the world would I find anything appropriate? God!!! You can't imagine how nice it feels to meet all your old classmates... More wonderful than the invitation to the function is actually being there... Can't believe so many of my classmates are either getting engaged soon or are already engaged or even married!!! One had brought her fiance along and he played the keyboards amazingly well and sang 2 songs... The juniors had arranged it really well again... As usual, most of the alumni from our batch... Felt nostalgic meeting old friends and old teachers...

Alumni functions... a way to look back into the past... In this busy... Bhaagambhaag life, one of those rare times we meet our old classmates... Thanks a lot to SKNCOE, all our teachers, the Principal and our HODs and most importantly our juniors for giving us such a beautiful gift...

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posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 10:44 PM


Welll .. No Comments! :(( sniff sniff... We haven't had an re-u as yet. sniff sniff...

lekin sahi hai, its good to see old friends, teachers..sp. those whom u hated and now u miss them more than anyone!

since we haven't had/ do not have / did not have (whichever is applicable) an alumini meet, I make it a point to go and meet my professors once a while. and friends..well .. orkut!

September 9, 2007 at 10:14 AM  

Any chance of an "Adam and Eve" theme? Dont forget to take your camera.... Kodak moments get priceless..You've seen the ads!

As for the dancing....if by any chance, you wanna see someone with 2 left feet, I could talk to my secretary and fix you an appointment with me!!!

September 9, 2007 at 2:22 PM  

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