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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Musing Memories...

Ye weekend friends ke naam and revisiting an old time zone and memories and well... Just getting back in touch with old friends... Yesterday met friends during our alumni function, today met up with friends from my old building.

Tina had sent a mail around to us long ago to ask if we could meet... unfortunately, that meet didn't materialise. So this time when Shradha asked if we could meet up, all four of us said YES!!! So when... Definitely a weekend... OK no probs... I'm staying at my friend's this weekend... I have to go for a reception next week... I have my alumni next sat... I'm going to Bangalore for Ganapati Festival... So Sunday the 9th it is... Cutting a loooooooooooooong story (and a long chain of reply to all mails) short, we decided to meet up at Chinese Room, East Street, Camp for lunch... The four of us... Mansi, Shradha, Tina and I... Last I had met Mansi was like for 5 minutes during a Verve competition during engineering... Shradha a few months ago during a KIP meet and Tina? Well loooooooong ago when she was going somewhere on her bike and amma and I were going for a walk... And again this was for just a few minutes. So we all had a lot of catching up to do. One thing as Tina observed was we all still look the same but as Shradha said just older and as Mansi said prettier (sure I'll accept that complment for myself too...)

To be honest what we ate doesn't make a difference... what we are doing, well everyone has pretty much started to get settled with their lives... everyone knows what direction they want to go in in life. But what we enjoyed most was talking about all the fun things we did together... How every year during Ganapati festival, we would dance at the four building common Ganesh Festival competitions... The huge hits like Morani Bagama or Humma and the big time flop Gori nal ishq mita (ok my knowledge of Punjabi sucks so... hope u can jhepofy which song that was...) or we had acted during a Ganapati festival play... the naughty kids who had grown up to become geniuses... the silly games we used to play like Bhoot or Dabda-is-spice (OK thats a version of hide and seek where someone who throw a dabda that is an empty can or an old coconut shell from the first floor, the denner would go fetch it... the rest would hide and then to spy anyone, you had to keep a foot on the dabda and shout XYZ out or the ones who had hidden had to kick off the dabda and then re-den :D) or Red Letter or Mother-May-I or.... OK that would be a long list in itself...

Maybe since it was just us girls then, we missed out on all those games we would have played if there were guys around like Cricket but there are really no regrets.. We had a really fun childhood... We thought of some of the other kids who were our neighbours... I was a brat... Being the youngest, the others quite spoiled me... I would quarrel each day and come home in a huff... Of course, I knew that the others would come to pamper me... Finally one day amma said to the others... don't bother... she'll come out... if you keep pampering her she'll just take advantage of it... 'course needless to say, I was back out playing with them after a while.

We have played, we have fought, but either ways, we have made some really cool memories that I'll cherish for a lifetime...

P.S. Can't believe I just got back half an hour ago and I wanted to put all this down on my blog... Just the adrenaline I guess :D

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