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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Of surprises and more surprises...

OK lets start with the 25th... That was my birthday. Midnight... The first call I received... Definitely not a number I recognised... He wished me Happy Birthday... Thank you I said... Do you know who I am? Actually no... Any guesses? Nope... Then as usual the network went berserk couldn't hear what he said and finally got cut. Then next call from Yogesh at work or rather Yogez... Again a huge surprise... Did Shyju call you he asks? Oh that was Shyju??? Didn't recognise his voice at all... Yogesh laughs... He had asked Shyju for my number and Shyju had purposely given him the wrong number so that he could call me first it seems... (Yogesh told me the next day that he had teased Shyju to no end for the stunt he pulled AND which did not pay off...) Praveen was online. Told him it was my birthday just before I signed off... Whens the party he asked... hmmm still haven't replied I think... I am hopeless when it comes to parties... Kya karen?

No surprise that we DID NOT have an off inspite of it being Anath Chaturdashi... Woke up to Savita Pacchi's phone call. Lots of further phone calls and messages... pretty cool. :) Then Varsha Mavshi and Priyasha came over to wish me. Mavshi had made pohe for me... She really makes the best Pohe ever... And since we don't eat onions on Ananth Chaturdashi, for me without onions...

Off to work... started off as normal. Poonam knew it was my birthday. She wished me and then everyone else knew too... Shweta sent a birthday wish to me.. CC to everyone in the team... So even Shailesh who is in London on an Employee Exchange Training program knew it was my birthday... We had a meeting with a senior manager who had come from London. Rest of the day regular as usual... some more phone calls and messages. A cool surprise... I was the top performer for the previous week

In the evening the guys from my training group came to office. I got pinged by quite a few then. Later Sumeet came up to call me to the cafe. Wow!!! Surprise party for me from Uday and my training team... and lots of chocolate moisturizer for my face :D A song by Yogesh... (The guy has a seriously amazing voice and is a gifted singer)...

26th... Sarah who had come in from London was leaving that day... Not to mention it was 2 years since our department of KPIT was established... So first thing I was given a surprise b'day party by my team. More moisturizer... Pineapple this time. Then cake cut in celebration of our company's anniversary. Black forest cake yummmmm... I got awarded by Sarah for being the quarterly topper... (A gift voucher for Shopper's Stop.. How cool is that? Just gotta figure out where it is located in Pune) Then a pizza party by Sarah... Ended up getting late and reaching home at 11.45.

27th... Today or was it yesterday... yeah yesterday it is... (Damn how long does it take to attach a 13MB file anyway???)... More awards for top weekly and monthly performers. For last week's performance got a set of re-writable CDs and as a monthly topper computer speakers... (Can't believe couldn't get those home with me... The security made me keep it at office... Gotta remember to take a permission tomorrow)

Well guess here I come to the end of my long winded birthday story... When I had started writing this morning I hadn't thought that waiting till night to post this... well post... would mean that it would get this much longer. Anyway, guess this is a great start for me and I have to aim really high and keep a lot of expectations for myself if I want to continue to receive all the honours bestowed upon me.


posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 10:20 AM


KEWL rey.. hmm.. so, you got to celebrate your b'day for 3 solid days..hehehe!! Maybe next year it'll be B'day week... Happy b'day anyways.. Would've asked you for a treat.. but, never mind.. maybe il buy a nice yummy pastry and eat it in your name.. :p

September 28, 2007 at 2:05 AM  

Thanx Ajan, make it black forest ok? Think of me ant eat it ;)

September 28, 2007 at 10:51 AM  

Definately a cool way to celebrate birthday with lotsa surprises.


September 29, 2007 at 12:38 PM  

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