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Tuesday, October 2, 2007


So Mademoiselle Purnima has tagged me... Lets see what we can do about it...

1. Starting with something easy (n not intellectual, hoping you can answer something as !!!! as this) What did you have for breakfast?
- Today ya yesterday? Today... first gotta sleep. Will wake up and then will have other words, still tohave breakfast. Yesterday... Adhai Dosa... Come to think of it, shaayad aaj bhi wohi hoga

2. As a kid you were scared of?
- Nothing really... There is nothing to fear but fear itself ;)
OK change in reply... As a kid I was definitely scared of those horror serials on TV... in fact I used to run in my room at the starting score of the 'Zee Horror Show'... Another thing... those surgeries they show on TV... in fact even today can't sit through that. I mean I don't mind watching CSI wherein they have scenes like taking out human body parts... putting them in a mixer... turning them into... well you get the picture... but the scenes where they show medical personnel performing surery... freaks me outttt

3. Define the following in one word - (max. 2 words)

Karma -> (Not possible in 2 words) Will come back to bite you

Dictionary -> Word book

Kids -> Adorable devils

Your PC/ Laptop -> Chat relax

4. Something that you crave to eat RIGHT NOW!
- Nothing..... my teeth are acccccccccching today. Probably gotta visit dentit :'(

5. The last person you sent an sms to?
- Priyanka

6. Memorable Rakshabandhan gift received (gals!)/ gifted (guys!)?
- A teddy bear Sohan anna had given me... no wait the money he had given for Rakshabandhan that he had earned during from his band show... wait... the drawing Gautam and Gaurav had given me... no wait the letter Aniruddha had written in reply to my letter (Actually it was Usha Pacchi who wrote it, Aniruddha was a baby then)

7. What colour is your life? n why? (1 colour only, plz)
- White... Includes all the colours of the rainbow... VIBGYOR... Sometimes it keeps life bright... sometimes sad... soetimes sunny... sometimes bad... but thats life, all the colours together make the joys in life more precious

8. You see Dhoni buying a Tennis ball @ a Sports shop near your place... you....
- Ask for his autograph... who cares what he is buying.. maybe he wants to switch sports...

9. Greatest feeling in the world?
- Hmmm... not sure

10. Most disgusting thing that you came across..
- Anyone who has read my entire blog ought to know... a dead lizard in my house >:P

11. Your fav serial/ match/ film going on ... when BANG! goes the cable.. you
- Nothing... we have backup... if TV won't switch on, will read a book... agar totally andhera ho, will sing.. Na koi umang hai... na koi tarang hai...

Oh we have choices??? Fine lets see

a. switch off TV, Switch on PC n log in to Orkut/ Yahoo etc.
- Arre yaar batti gull to Computer kya khaak chalaoongi (Rolling my eyes)

b. Call the cablewala and "@#%$#@"
- Ohh.. ok.. cable waale ke yahaan se transmission kaput? In that case ... no use... the cablewaala's line is busy or out on any given fine sunny day... Cable udd gaya to thode na woh sabke aashirwad lene phone uthayega... Kya baat karti hai re...

c. Call up friends and meet at the nearest CCD
- Not really a CCD person, but best of these choices

12. English is a very funny language because..........?
- Actually MHINGLISH or KONGLISH is funnier :D ;)

13. Current weather reminds you of...............
- The song... Suhana safar aur ye mausam haseen.. Don't know why, first thing that came to my mind... After a hot almost may-heat like day, the nights are getting cooler these days. So feels great

14. Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?
- Nope...

15. 2 lines about this girl called 'Purnima' .... (plz no, ever gigglin, bit crazy, blogs regularly n all...that she already knows.... something that will make her go 'wow! is that true??'... No flattery, negative remarks accepted, just don't be rude :P, honest answers please!)
- How conceited can u be gal???? Asking about yourself? Wellllllll mez gonna write all sorts of good stuff... after all you and I are very very alike... ;) Honestly... a very sweet girl, one of my best friends

Fine... thats done... whom do I tag?


posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 12:46 AM


:) :) dankoo dankoo for the reply. it was fun reading ur reply..much how I expected them to be!

Jess, the last question is n go booster for me re... after framing 14 questions... don't u think i deserved this??

October 2, 2007 at 12:53 PM  

ego* booster

October 2, 2007 at 12:54 PM  

Well honey, don't I know that? :P

October 2, 2007 at 7:33 PM  

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