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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I called up Rashi today morning to wish her on her birthday... actually to find out whether she had a fast today or not... I had planned to take her a cake today... kisi ka to birthday birthday ke din celebrate ho... Got her a yummy looking chocolate cake from Monginis (I swear by the chocolate cake of monginis...)

As soon as I reached (Rashi wasn't in yet), I informed everyone it was Rashi's birthday... Vaibhav came up with the 'brilliant' idea not to wish her at all until everyone gathered to celebrate her party... The poor girl waited expectantly for atleast one of her colleagues to wish her or for me to tell everyone else... sorry no can do... Finally at 4:30 she could bear it no longer... she pretty much announced to everyone in the team that it was her birthday and asked them to wish her... the poor thing was really offended I guess... Now, our team is nothing if not sneaky... everyone pretended not to believe her... Even our 'ek bhi baat pet mein nahi rehti types' manager, Dada, pretended to look up her birthday on Intra before wishing her.

Off we went for our break at 5:15. I had already tipped off the rest of the team to join us at 5:30. Anjali, Rashi and I always take our break together. But when Pallavi and Poonam also joined us upstairs, the penny finally began to drop... And when everyone came upstairs... everything started to fall in place...

Ofcourse, when a girl ANNOUNCES her birthday, she deserves to have her cake and eat it too... she had more chocolate on her face today than she had color on Holi when Vaibhav had smuggled colors to our office...

Well gotta say.. kabhi kabhi surprise party dene mein mazaa aata hai...

Happy Birthday Rashi... May all your wishes and dreams come true... keep smiling...

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posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 12:42 AM


wow , thats nice surprise [:)]

March 26, 2008 at 4:03 AM  

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