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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jab We Met

A zillion years after it released, Purnima and I finally managed to watch 'Jab We Met'... Obviously no one is asking us to write the review... u have prob watched it already... I am gonna write anyway... [:D]...

Jab we met is the story of Aditya and Geet...

Poor little rich boy Aditya Kashyap is son of a deceased industrialist... whose mom married another guy... the guy, love of whose life married someone else.... whose dad's company stocks are completely reducing to the price of dust and turning into a losing proposition... (OK so we have established that Aditya's fairytale existence is anything but).... So anyway, the day his love marries a different guy, he totally loses touch of reality and decides to walk away from it all..

...And to bring him to back to earth or should we say to make him ride the clouds, he meets bubbly chatterbox and samaritan (well thats debatable) Geet... whose remedy to any problem is 'Chalo BHAAG jaate hain...' (eyes wide open true Kareena style...) in a train going from Mumbai to Delhi... on her way home to Bhatinda, reaching where her idea is to... You guessed right... to Bhaagofy with the love of her life Anshuman...

The last thing Aditya needs is Geet on his case, but she decides he needs some Agony aunt treatment, in short a dose of her... what he (and we) get is a super dose of mind numbing chatter... in a span of 10 seconds she has told Aditya everything about her life AND expects him to do the same... He decides to slip away in the middle of the night... an gets down at some weird station... The lady decides to get down and bring him back... the train is gone and she is left standing in the station wearing a night suit and slippers and a whole lot of tingling clinking jewellery and perfect eye makeup blaming Aditya for her missing the train... What follows are some perfectly funny sequences where they finally reach Ratlam junction with Aditya driving like a race car driver (what they show is a toy car and toy train racing side-by-side childishly refreshingly innovative)... where she AGAIN misses the train and AGAIN blames Aditya... yep Aditya's life is a bed of roses....

Geet is again alone at the station... harassed by Romeos and an annoying station master who says stuff like 'Akeli ladki khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai'... (Lord I am writing half the script aren't I? I was writing this on orkut... ran out of space [:D] )

OK lets cut to the chase... Aditya finally gets Geet to Bhatinda where her family suspects some Kaali daal... only to have their fears confirmed when Aditya and Geet run off... Geet off to meet Anshuman in Manali and Aditya back home but first he has to take Geet to her love... in which time he is hopelessly in love with her.. she plans to get married and return within a couple of days with Anshuman... Aditya returns home and within nine months his life and company are back on track... he has also taken an interest in himself and his life... Everything is fine until Geet's family lands at his doorstep demanding to see Geet... Well obviously Aditya hunts down Geet and la la la... usual rona dhona and sulah and songs and all that nonsense and gets her back to her family... Everything's well that ends well Aditya and Geet get married and everyone lives happily ever after...

Kareena plays the role of Geet to perfection... you feel like strangling her as soon as she opens her mouth and feel like strangling yourself when she shows no sign of stopping... they couldn't have found anyone better for the role... Shahid Kapoor is adorable... acts well... dances well... (drool) just perfect... they make a totally adorable couple... Really funny lines... Beautiful songs... well shot... Jab We Met is a typical bubblegum-popcorn type movie (thats my way of saying fultoo tp... one-time watch)

My rating 3+1/2 stars...


posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 11:03 PM


wow.... that wasnt half the script..

maybe u shld've tried....u could've sold the movie more easily than the writer did..

November 25, 2007 at 11:45 PM  

fine it was... one time movie... though nothing to go ga-ga over... as the girls in my class did. mebbe they fell in love with shahid! OMG!

November 27, 2007 at 7:47 PM  

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