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Sunday, February 3, 2008


Its been an year since Shraddha and I stayed over at Purnima's... One year since the maggi debacle... Purnima, Shraddha and I met up for the first time this year... We had decided to meet on January 1st, but the plans fell through. So meeting today after so long was fun as usual... We chatted for so long, Purni's mum and my mom called us up asking... Did you come for the picnic or did you come to sit outside.. well you know how moms are... saying we came to sit outside and chat was NOT an option... In we went...

Well as usual there were loads of games... I won a prize as did amma... The most fun game as usual was Housie or Tambola...

Going back to the topic of last year's stay over.. am I sounding like Jodi Picoult go back and forth back and forth between the past and the present... Yeah high hopes for me, to consider myself a great writer... and high hopes for you if you think I am gonna write about the stay over AGAIN... I had already written about it before (Check the Bass do minute blog)...

But I could write about last year's GSB Republic Day picnic, which was what we had gone to today... They changed the date from 26th Jan to the first sunday of February from this year... not republic day silly... 8-| the picnic... Last year was all the more fun because we made new friends... A lot of our KIP friends had come in... Priyanka Pai, Ananth anna, Sankalp, Abhang and Nishanth... We also recruited a new member in the KIP gang... Sharmila... One year and so much has changed... Priyanka was placed somewhere out of Pune last time I chatted with her... Sankalp is in USA never having come to stay in Pune... Abhang had come for a few minutes today... he said he is hardly in Pune these days... his job is keeping him away from here... Nishanth is in Hyderabad... It was his birthday yesterday and I realised he has ALREADY left when his number came up as not in use... Sharmila is engaged and soon to be married... I joined KPIT... Purnima gave her French Diplome exams yesterday... Unfortunately to say... I have got utterly bored of Orkut and KIP :( ... Which reminds me, Purnima has given up ownership of KIP and left orkut...

A lot has happened over the year... Just seems that time kind of flies when in reality... an year is made of 365 days... 365 days when anything can happen and life as you know it.... might just change....

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posted by Tejaswini Shenoy at 11:21 PM


Have you realised, how unknowingly, things have changed after a whole round of 365 days? I know i might be sounding too philo, yet the truth is that in one year we have gone in our own directions. Some people went away, some got jobs, some getting married...

February 4, 2008 at 2:28 PM  

well!!! 365 days is too long a time for anything to happen!!! These days life is in the fast track!! Whatever wasnt there moments ago will surprisingly spring up ans whatever was there, may suddenly disappear. Same is the case with people and their life too!!


February 5, 2008 at 8:31 PM  

I quite understood what u want to say in this!!... feel similarly too...

on one hand, we feel there is no such GREAT difference... while on the other hand... quite a LOT would have happened!!

Good one again :)

February 13, 2008 at 3:50 PM  

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