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Saturday, March 15, 2008


When I decided to write this post I was confused which way to take this... but guess I am gonna write about today rather than memories of Mc Donalds... So here goes...

At office our team is quite silent... not much masti goes on... On the other hand the design team was always known to raise hell with their constant chatter and laughter and plans... so yesterday I had decided our team was gonna plan something different... So lets start with something small... I decided to start a chain of messages saying that today, Friday, we would have a colour theme... We would all vote for a color and all of us would wear the color or be punished. Of course punishments wouldn't be the regular TREEEEEEEEEEEEEAT... Punishments were to be utterly wacky like mimicking some actor or singing a song... whichever one was worse at... Now I shan't write about the 80-90 mails(no kidding... Rajesh counted... Wish I knew how he had the patience) that we kept replying to all to or the immense amount of laughter and giggling; but we finally decided to wear green... So Friday 14th March would be green day... Our manager, Dada as we call him, was most opposed to green since he didn't have a green shirt... But then we had just served him an ultimatum about the color without asking for his opinion... so kya karte woh bechare?

Today woke up bright and green at office in our corner of the world with shades running from bright green worn by Dada (he actually bought a new shirt) to a dark algae green not to mention the controversial sea green and grayish green and yellowish green (or should I say greenish grey and greenish yellow? Never mind)...

We had a surprise visit from our Operations manager to announce prizes for the last month... And a huge surprise in the form of a team bonding activity at 4:30 p.m. in the cafeteria recreation room... The game was simple (or was it?) 3 teams each with 8 people... each team were given 7 pieces of cardboard... Each team had to form a link of people and step on the cardboard to cross the acid river... the catch? Of course one cardboard less than the number of people... and the first piece of cardboard was never to be moved... that meant aadmi 8 aur cardboard 6... kaafi naa-insaafi thi, kyon? Our team came in last, but never mind we had fun.

To top it all the new member of our team was expected to give a party... We all coaxed and bullied him into giving a party at McDs that had opened a few months ago right in front of our office building... Now the entire team couldn't go at once... so five of us went ahead... Rashi, Vaibhav, Arun, Sundeep (the new guy... who by the way joined as a senior engineer) and yours truly... We went directly to level 1 of the McD building... Rashi and I immediately started playing with a balloon... And after coming back up after ordering, we all started playing balloon tennis... 5 of us and 3 balloons... now have no idea what gave Vaibhav the idea but he decided that all of us should target Rashi... Wham wham wham.. balloons flying at Rashi from all angles... Thank God we were the only ones upstairs... or we might have had to pay for lost customers with all the noise that we made... The rest of the team put up an appearance after half an hour which meant only 15 minutes for the cab to leave... Heaven knows how everyone finished their burgers and finger chips and cokes... Off we ran to catch our cabs before they left lest we'd have to wait till 12:00 a.m. for the next set of cabs.

Back home at 11:45 I called Shailesh to wish him.. hopefully the last to wish him and at midnight called up Rajesh to wish him on HIS birthday... And here I am at 1:00 a.m. writing this blog..

Say... shouldn't this post be called yesterday?


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